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Less manual work and more efficiency.

Quickly and accurately exchange invoices with your partners directly to/from accounting systems without any additional work.

Electronic signatures on invoices
Electronic invoices

What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice is a digital alternative to traditional paper or PDF invoices. It is a safe and efficient way to exchange sales and purchase documents between companies and their customers electronically.

Electronic invoices are designed to simplify financial transactions and improve the process of issuing and receiving invoices.

Electronic invoicing uses

What are e-invoices for?

Do you have customers in domestic or foreign markets and need e-invoicing? Or do you want to automate your accounts receivable processes? Unifiedpost will help you make full use of the possibilities provided by e-invoices.

Banqup's technology partnerships
Why choose electronic invoicing?

Why e-invoices?

Smoother processes
Less mistakes
Compliance with requirements


Electronic invoices

Unifiedpost Group will help you prepare and send electronic invoices through the necessary channels:

Peppol network

RC „E. Sąskaita“

EDI (electronic data interchange)

In internet banks (bank account, i.e. former direct debit service)

In the systems requested by the customer

The Peppol network


Peppol is an international e-invoicing network where companies send and receive invoices. This network works on the principle of "four corners". Each invoice recipient and sender use the services of an invoice operator (Access Point), which ensures full compliance and delivery of the invoice to the recipient through the access point they use.

Different companies and institutions of EU countries can exchange invoices through the Peppol system using a common standardized e. in UBL BIS3 XML format.

Currently, more than 500,000 companies and institutions use the Peppol system, but this number will increase drastically in the near future due to the new e-invoice requirements in different countries and in the EU.

E-reporting guidelines and regulations

Register Centre „E. Sąskaita“

Companies participating in public procurement in Lithuania must submit invoices to purchasing organizations through the „E. Sąskaita“. This is how Lithuania implemented the EU directive that all state institutions must accept real e-invoices from business entities. Therefore, Lithuanian state sector companies became part of the Peppol network.

Unifiedpost will help you submit e-invoices to the Registry Center according to applicable standards.


Euroconnector: simplified e-invoice processing for business

Unifiedpost introduced a data exchange tool created to the market, which allows Lithuanian businesses to more conveniently exchange e-invoices, automatically exporting them from the seller's accounting system and importing them to the buyer's systems without using any manual work. This eliminates technical barriers and high integration costs to start using e-invoices.

The process of processing e-invoices has become simpler: the seller issues an invoice in the accounting system, which is automatically sent to the buyer via the Peppol network - buyer will immediately see the received invoice with all the necessary data in his accounting or account management system.

This tool is intended for accounting and business management systems, and the end user only has to activate the integration.

Requirements for e-invoices in 2028

From 2028, the European Commission is introducing a requirement for all Member States to require businesses trading between EU countries to exchange electronic invoices via the Peppol network. So, switching to e-invoicing today will mean smoother changes for businesses in the future.

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