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Electronic Data Interchange

Revolutionise your document and data exchange.


What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables organisations to automatically exchange important supply chain documents. Documents such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, just to name a few.

EDI provides real-time communication between a sender’s and recipient’s systems. Documents and data are converted to each system’s format and fed seamlessly and securely between the two. From invoice systems to ERP software. From enterprise resource planning to warehouse management. The communication lines are endless.

All created to provide easier ways of working for both businesses.

EDI solution

Who is EDI for?

Electronic data exchange solutions are relevant for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For those businesses who want to improve data exchange, via a transparent and more cost-effective process.

From large businesses such as wholesale, retail, logistics and transport or manufacturing companies. To small and medium businesses such as small retail chain suppliers, cafés and small shops.


What are the business benefits?

Seamless data exchange

Effective and secure data exchange between you and your business partners.

International connections

Connect to PEPPOL, e-invoicing systems and local government platforms.

Cost and time savings

Reduction in human errors and quicker invoicing processing times.

Full audit trail

Transparent process by providing logs and timestamps.

The process

How does EDI work?

Combine your EDI solution with other Unifiedpost services, such as payments and financing to benefit from seamless business processes even further.

One connection to our EDI solution creates a reliable exchange of data between all business partners. Businesses don’t need to set up separate lines of communication or adapt their existing systems. EDI works seamlessly, without any hassle required.

Using our EDI solution also provides your business with additional value-added-services. Services such as:

Product code and unit conversions

Content matching of different documents

Sophisticated data enrichment

The virtual 4DOC solution


Our customers

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