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Extend your global network

Join a trusted, global network for simple and secure business transactions.

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One network

One network, countless opportunities

Interacting with trusted, validated businesses is becoming more difficult especially when data and payments are involved. Whether you’re a sole trader, large corporation, industry federation or software supplier, it pays to become part of a trusted network.

Join Unifiedpost Group’s trusted digital network and create countless opportunities.

For businesses, create secure and validated business transactions. Know that your exchanges are safe and that your payments are secure.

For accountants, industry federations and partners, the network means leveraging partnerships. Connect to businesses and offer one consolidated, digital solution that benefits your business, customers and members.

Business benefits

What’s in it for me?

Leverage partnerships

Tap into new business opportunities and enhance your own offering.

Seamless exchange

Secure, validated document, data and payment exchange.


Know who you’re doing business with in one secure, trusted network.

Our services

Unifiedpost Group’s services are part of one network

One large network connecting over +1 million global users for seamless digital exchanges and transactions:

E-invoicing - One simple digital solution that provides seamless document and data exchange between anyone in the network.

Digital payments - Secure and validated payments within the network brings your business peace of mind.

Automated procurement - Automate business transactions and connect to millions of users in the network to create simple business processes.

And find extra solutions with ease. Connect to federations, software suppliers, banks and institutions for one coherent business experience.

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How do Unifiedpost Group’s solutions extend my network?

Connection to our global ecosystem allows your business, members, and customers to extend its network and create secure transactions between millions of users. From suppliers, government platforms, software vendors and more!

All in a safe, validated environment with a trusted network partner.

Explore our solutions today and become part of the network.

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Connect with millions of businesses and partners

• Connect to over 1+ million users
• Connect to federations, software suppliers, ERPs, institutions and businesses
• Onboard your customers and suppliers to your network

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