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E-invoicing solutions for businesses of all sizes

Digitalise your invoicing processes by transitioning to electronic invoicing with Unifiedpost Group.

Tap into the world of global e-invoicing and benefit from international tax compliance, while enjoying automated ways of working for your business, customers and suppliers.

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Getting to grips with the basics

What is e-invoicing?

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is the electronic exchange of an invoicing document between a supplier and a buyer. E-invoicing allows businesses of any shape and size to automate invoicing processes and to reduce manual admin and financial tasks.

Using Unifiedpost Group's invoicing platform, your business can transition from manual paper invoicing to a digitalised, automated way of working.

Endless business benefits

How do I benefit from electronic invoicing?

Save time

Invoicing processing, creation and distribution becomes quick, easy and automated.

Pay and get paid on time

Faster processing and distribution means you can pay and get paid in a much quicker and more efficient way.

Be compliant

Our e-invoicing solution helps you become tax compliant by connecting to 60+ global government platforms.

Extend your network

Join our global network of 1+ million users and exchange documents and data with ease.

The finer details

How does electronic invoicing work?

Send and receive your B2G, B2B and B2C electronic invoices in the simplest way with Unifiedpost Group.

Depending on your size of business you may prefer customised, automated workflows, or simply prefer taking a picture of an invoice with your smartphone. Either way, e-invoicing with Unifiedpost Group simplifies your entire inbound and outbound invoicing processes.

All managed through our leading network, securely exchange your invoices in any format, via any channel. Plus, benefit from value-added-services such as invoice payment buttons, certified archive and electronic signatures to make invoicing processes even more efficient.

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Solutions that work for you

E-invoicing for your business

Small businesses

E-invoicing for SMEs

Unifiedpost Group’s Banqup solution takes care of your invoicing, billing and admin in the palm of your hand.

What can Banqup do for you?

Take a picture of your invoice using your smartphone and never data-input again.

Create, send and distribute invoices in seconds and track their progress with ease.

Pay invoices at the click of a button using your preferred payment method of choice.

Enjoy quicker, more accurate payments using invoice digital payment buttons.

Mockup of a smartphone with transactions on it
Woman sitting down at her desk holding a laptop
Inbound e-invoicing solutions

Inbound e-invoicing for medium and large businesses

Transition to e-invoicing using Unifiedpost Group’s inbound ‘Collect’ solution and simplify accounts payable and inbound invoicing processes.

What can Collect do for you?

Digitalise your inbound processes and create convenient, automated workflows.

Receive your documents and data in a format that works for you.

Plug straight into your existing ERP or accounting software.

Automate invoice processes, from the pre-booking of invoices to invoice acceptance.

Outbound e-invoicing solutions

Outbound e-invoicing for medium and large businesses

Transition to e-invoicing using Unifiedpost Group’s outbound ‘Channel’ solution and simplify accounts receivable and outbound invoicing processes.

What can Channel do for you?

Digitalise your outbound processes and create multichannel, distribution streams.

Ensure your invoices meet local tax compliance regulations in over 60 countries worldwide.

Quicker payments with digital payment buttons and payment QR codes.

Automate invoice conversion into your recipient’s chosen format.

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Choose Unifiedpost Group

Why e-invoicing with Unifiedpost Group?

Tax compliant in over 60 countries worldwide and a Peppol Access Point

Solutions for the smallest of companies to the largest

Certified SWIFT partner

Get even more out of your invoicing processes with payment buttons, electronic signatures and customisable workflows.

Hear from our customers

ABB expands electronic invoicing capabilities with Unifiedpost Group

ABB Germany expands electronic invoicing capabilities with Unifiedpost Group across its five decisions. Learn more about the benefits gained for the global technology company.


Becoming part of Crossnet

The network for e-invoices, e-financing, e-payments and e-procurement.

Benefiting from Unifiedpost Group’s e-invoicing service means also becoming part of the Crossnet network.

Crossnet is our leading network. One single connection connects you to your stakeholders, customers, suppliers and international platforms. One connection for simple and smart electronic invoicing exchanges.

Crossnet network
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Start your electronic invoicing journey with Unifiedpost Group

• E-invoicing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes
• Multichannel inbound and outbound solutions
• Digital processes without the hassle

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