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E-invoicing for businesses of all sizes

Redefine your invoicing processes by transitioning to electronic invoicing with Banqup.

Guarantee international e-invoicing compliance and benefit from automated invoicing processes, tailored for businesses of every size.

Endless business benefits

How do I benefit from electronic invoicing?

Guarantee compliance

Meet local e-invoicing and e-reporting requirements in over 60 countries.

Simplify format conversion

Easily create and convert your invoices into a format required by your end receiver.

Improve your efficiency

Reduce manual data-entry and automate inbound and outbound workflows.

Get paid faster

With invoice digital payment buttons and PDF/paper payment QR codes.

E-invoicing for medium-large businesses


For businesses handling multiple inbound financial documents via various channels and formats, inbound e-invoicing with Banqup simplifies and streamlines your procure-to-pay processes.

Automate how you receive, match and process electronic and paper documents based on your pre-defined workflows.

Capture document data in any format from any source.

Digitalise the extraction of invoice data and reduce errors and manual work.

Collaborate with all your suppliers for invoice exchange, discrepancy resolution and communication.

Integrate your invoices into your existing ERP or accounting software.


For businesses distributing multiple invoices and financial documents to businesses, governments and consumers.

Create e-invoices in your desired format - from XML to EDIFACT to local government standards.

Meet tax compliance and e-invoicing regulations in over 60 countries.

Automate the entire invoicing process from creation, to distribution, to format conversion, to payment reminders.

Distribute invoices via your desired channel - the Banqup network, Peppol, third party B2B networks or traditional print and post.

Get paid faster with invoice payment buttons and payment QR codes.

E-invoicing for micro-small businesses


For self employed businesses, freelancers, sole traders and SMEs who want to digitalise their incoming invoice and receipt expense tasks.

Receive invoices and bills straight in your Banqup platform.

Capture data from invoices, receipts and bills via your smartphone, email, scan or upload.

Match invoices and their payments automatically.

Digitally archive paid invoices and share them with your accountant in real-time.

How payments and e-reporting relate


For self employed businesses, freelancers, sole traders and SMEs who want to get paid quicker with faster and more reliable invoicing tasks.

Ensure e-invoicing compliance in the simplest way with Banqup’s connection to your local (and international) government platforms.

Create and send electronic invoices in less than 60 seconds.

Manage invoice sending and tracking on the go with your Banqup app.

Send your invoices to government platforms, networks, email or even via print and post.

Get paid faster with invoice payment buttons, payment QR codes and automatic payment reminders.

E-invoicing for small businesses
Comply with e-invoicing regulations

Guarantee electronic invoicing compliance with Banqup

Banqup is tax compliant in over 60 countries around the globe. What does this mean for your business? It means automatically creating and sending your invoices in the required format, via the required channel, as mandated by your local tax authority.

Plus, also access Peppol via Banqup’s Access Point and connect to over 100 interoperability networks. Rest assure that your e-invoicing solution supports multiple CTC jurisdictions.

Existing e-reporting requirements
Banqup's value-added-services

Modular services via one platform


Pay and get paid faster with features such as digital payment buttons, recurring payments, batch payments and your own Banqup Business IBAN account.


Enhance your business' digital security with bank-level protection across all transactions using Banqup's e-identity services.


Securely store all your documents in Banqup’s digital archive - automatically archived in compliance with the minimum storage requirements in your country.

Electronic signatures

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), Banqup’s e-signature service enables you to securely sign and seal a variety of documents, ensuring trust and compliance with local reporting and e-signature regulations.

Supplier onboarding

Transition your suppliers away from paper, manual processes to a fully automated, digitalised workflow and benefit from easier document and data exchange and approval tasks.

Invoice financing

Don’t worry about late payments and unlock the cash in your unpaid invoices. Choose which invoices you want to finance and receive up to 90% in an instant.

Hear from our customers

ABB expands electronic invoicing capabilities with Banqup

ABB Germany expands electronic invoicing capabilities with Banqup across its five decisions. Learn more about the benefits gained for the global technology company.

Get started

Start your electronic invoicing journey with Banqup

E-invoicing processes for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Multichannel inbound and outbound invoice exchange

E-invoicing compliance in over 60 countries worldwide

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