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Business tasks that save you time

Digitalise and automate your business's financial and administrative processes with Unifiedpost Group's services and solutions, tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Unlock streamlined ways of working and enjoy business efficiency like never before.

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Save time

If you could save time on manual admin and financial tasks, would you?

Evolve from manual, time-consuming tasks and create digital, automated ways of working with Unifiedpost Group.

Digital interactions and automation that do the work for you. Whether you’re an accountant, sole-trader, SME or large business, digital processes create opportunities and provide your business with the time to focus where it’s needed the most.


What’s in it for me?

Meaningful work

No longer carry out the same monotonous tasks.

Improved accuracy

Eliminate human errors that take time to correct.

Cost savings

Direct time and money on more beneficial tasks.

Real-time view

Tasks are automatic and in sync with business operations.

Our services

Automate processes and save time

Unifiedpost Group’s digital services automate your admin and financial processes:

Electronic invoicing - Invoice as you have always done but let digital, automated processes do the work for you. Invoice creating, distributing, receiving, tracking and chasing. All done for you without any extra time required.

Easy payments - Superior payment experiences such as one click payments and automatic reconciliation. Pay and get paid quickly and optimise both your cash flow and your time.

Automated procurement - Automate invoices coming in and invoices going out. No data-inputting required, no matching your invoice to a purchase order. Let digital automation do the work.

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Digital is the future

How do digital and automated solutions save my business time?

Automating and digitalising your processes provides your business with options. No matter your business shape and size.

Options that allow you to create smart digital interactions and processes that once slowed your business down.

Explore our Unifiedpost Group services that will save you time.

Hear from our customers

How Uchu Wasi streamlined business operations with Banqup

Discover how the Singapore food importer business, streamlined their business financial operations with the Banqup invoicing solution.

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Automate processes and save time with Unifiedpost Group’s solutions

• Automating processes from over 20 years
• Saving time for businesses across the globe
• Trusted leaders in digital technologies

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