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Welcome to Banqup partnerships, where collaboration transforms e-invoicing and financial experiences

Together, we can tackle global forces driving business change.

By combining our expertise, we can turn complex financial systems and complicated electronic invoicing regulations into innovative digital experiences that redefine customer ways of working.

Partner with Banqup and let's shape the future of financial ecosystems together.

Banqup partnerships

The power of partnerships

Let's elevate the customer experience through collaboration, benefiting both your business and the e-invoicing and financial experience of all our customers.

Shared expertise

Bring the toolboxes together and combine strengths for comprehensive offerings.

Market expansion

Unlock additional sales channels and generate higher turnover.

Customer value

Create seamless ecosystems for your customers and users.


Respond quickly to electronic invoicing regulations and market changes.

Faster innovation

Tap into partner skills and benefit from faster innovation.

Cross-selling opportunities

Access diverse technologies and solutions without the need for creation.

What’s in it for you?

Reasons to partner with Banqup

Get on board with a Banqup strategic partnership and benefit from endless advantages.

Lifetime commission model - Up to 25% commission on the sales of customers of our joint solution.

Long-term customer retention - Long-term consolidation of your expert position and retention of your existing customers.

Access to experts - Support from experts with years of experience in e-invoicing and payments.

Partner tools - Access to our partner and developer portal.

Partner sales support - Professional sales support in pitches and via product information, marketing materials and use cases.

Integrations - Joint design of the optimal integration of our services into your existing software solution.

Training - Training from our product and e-invoicing experts via our Banqup Academy.

Banqup partner types

Become a Banqup partner

We partner with businesses that align with our strategic goals, so that together we can build a future-proofed e-invoicing and financial ecosystems for our customers.

Financial services
Resellers & software
Document management solution
Benefits of Banqup

Why partner with Banqup?

Partnering with Banqup means creating a lifelong partnership with a global company.

Tax compliant in 60+ countries - Ensure your customers comply with e-reporting and e-invoicing regulations in over 60 countries around the world.

Local relationships in 30+ countries - Think global act local, with the knowledge and support teams from around the world.

Licensed payments institution - Utilise the benefits of local IBANs and the compliant payment processes provided by a licensed payments institution.

Peppol access point - Certified Peppol access point worldwide.

Unique offering - Unique market offering of compliance, payments, identity and tax in one solution.

A smart, open network - Partner with our open global network of over one million users.

Become a Banqup partner

Shape the future of electronic invoicing compliance and financial ecosystems

If you want to transform e-invoicing compliance and financial ecosystems to create an unparalleled experience for your customers, become a Banqup partner today.

Our team will walk you through our partnership programmes and show you how we can bridge our expertise to create a unique offering to the market.

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