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Automate your procure-to-pay processes

Transition to automated procure-to-pay (P2P) processes with Banqup and benefit from fully digitalised inbound invoicing tasks.

What's in it for you?

Why procure-to-pay automation with Banqup?

Improve supplier relationships

Streamline your workflows and approvals to speed up payments and enhance supplier communication.

Cost & time savings

Eliminate data-entry and manual processing with Banqup’s accurate invoice data extraction and automated workflows.

Automate workflows

Create predefined workflows so that Banqup carries out complex document and data tasks for you.

Improve visibility and control

Gain greater visibility and control over your purchase invoices with real-time tracking and comprehensive reporting.

For medium and large businesses

Procure-to-pay automation for medium-large businesses

Whether you receive your purchase invoices by email, EDI, government platforms or even paper, Banqup creates one simple process to automate your inbound financial workflows.

Advanced data extraction eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Feed data straight into your existing ERP or accounting system for efficient processing.

Streamline your workflows with predefined rules and approval hierarchies.

Onboard your suppliers and transition them to simple e-invoicing processes.

Digitally archive your documents according to your country's regulations.

Procure to pay solution for medium and large businesses
Purchase automation software for small businesses
For micro and small businesses

Purchase automation for micro-small businesses

With Banqup, make receiving and paying inbound invoices much simpler, by eliminating data entry and choosing the easiest way for your business to pay.

Add your invoices and receipts to Banqup, either via email, scanning or taking a picture with your smartphone.

Say goodbye to manual data entry, with Banqup’s invoice data extraction.

Integrate your existing bank accounts to pay your invoices in just a few clicks.

Automate recurring payments and batch payments.


Receive documents and data from any network

The Banqup network connects suppliers and buyers, wherever they are, so that your business can receive inbound financial documents in any format, via any channel.

B2C networks - Support for 10+ networks including Banqup, Doccle, Kivra, Zoomit and Digipost.

B2B networks - Support for 100+ interoperability networks including Pagero, SAP Ariba, Tungsten and Tradeshift.

B2G networks - Receive invoices from local government platforms.

Peppol - A registered Peppol Access Point in 13 countries.

Banqup's B2G, B2B and B2C network reach
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Start digitalising and automating your procure-to-pay processes with Banqup

Automate how you receive, process and pay inbound financial documents

Receive purchase invoices via any channel, in any format

Avoid manual data-entry and welcome highly accurate invoice data extraction

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