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eFaktura World, next generation government electronic invoicing solution

eFaktura World is Unifiedpost Group’s national electronic invoicing and continuous transaction control (CTC) platform, developed to support governments all around the globe.

Government solution

eFaktura World project and implementation

eFaktura World has been designed to support governments worldwide and any electronic invoicing model. The solution was crafted in 2023, following EU standards and best practices from already implemented Serbian and Estonian projects.

The platform is distinguished by its modern architecture focused on modularity, integrability, scalability and adaptability. eFaktura World utilises a microservice architecture based on the EN-16931-1 invoicing semantic model, complemented by mapping to the UBL structural model.

eFaktura World is a ready to deploy solution, thoroughly tested and proven in practice.

Electronic invoicing models

eFaktura World supports different government models

Governments can capitalise on eFaktura World's versatility and its endorsement of various electronic invoicing models for governmental operations, including...

Document checks and approvals
Real-time reporting
Centralised and decentralised CTC exchange
Incorporating the Peppol infrastructure
Key attributes and characteristics

How eFaktura World stands out

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of governments, eFaktura World is engineered to provide governments with enhanced availability, robust security, scalability, adaptability and modularity.

Take a look at the solution’s key features:

Multi-component software system, with independent and reusable components.

Configurable solution, system components can be turned on and off around the core system, which allows adaptation to any model for automated tax reporting and invoicing.

Implementation and customisation of elements that are country-specific or applicable to local best practices.

Ability to attain fiscal objectives for capturing invoice data in the tax platform, with the support of certified service providers operating on a decentralised basis.

Possibility to deploy in multiple jurisdictions and support indirect tax controls for domestic, cross-border and multi-country operations.


Benefits of eFaktura World for governments and tax authorities

Take a look at the governmental benefits arising from the implementation of eFaktura World’s electronic invoicing and reporting system.

Increase tax compliance
Reduce the VAT gap
Improve fiscal transparency
Save time and costs
Leverage data analytics and policy insights
Facilitate efficient trade with key integrations
Environmental gains
Facilitate international trade
Use case

How the Serbian government implemented eFaktura World

Starting in 2019, the Serbian Ministry of Finance worked with Unifiedpost Group to implement a fully centralised model, focusing on B2G and B2B mandates.

The solution, System eFaktura (SEF), was introduced in phases, becoming fully live and in production on a national level from April 2022. The full service covers change requests, integrations, and ongoing support and maintenance, which ensures a future-proof solution for both the government and Serbian businesses.

The primary goal and focus of the government solution is to automate VAT reporting and improve supervision of both the private and public sector, therefore significantly reducing the VAT tax gap, as well as optimising state budget spendings.

Why Unifiedpost Group

Why Unifiedpost Group’s government solution?

Ready to deploy solution - Available, Secure, Scalable, Adaptable, Modular
Thoroughly tested and proven in practice solution
Experience in the production of government e-invoicing systems and architecture models
Customisation, improvement and upgrade
Strong project management
Consultancy on legal and tax regulations
Experts in developing commercial electronic invoicing solutions and ecosystems
Maintenance and support 24/7 availability

Discover eFaktura World in the latest Billentis report

Gain a further understanding of eFaktura World and the initial project with the Serbian Ministry of Finance in the latest Billentis report.

The Billentis report consists of an expert analysis of electronic invoicing market trends and valuable insights for any government or business looking to learn more about regulation developments.

Download the report below.

"Oracle is our strategic partner in Serbia and the preferred partner for cloud services for the implementation of the eFaktura World electronic invoicing solution on a national level worldwide."
Boris Jevtic

Chief of International Business Operations, Unifiedpost Group

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