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Transforming Dräger’s invoicing processes

Steeped in a legacy dating back to 1889, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA (Dräger) stands as a global powerhouse in medical and safety technology. The business’ unwavering commitment to "Technology for Life" has set the standard for innovation and excellence in its industry.

As a business that is unfazed by challenges in innovation and excellence, it's no surprise that the company strives for the same standards in its internal processes. This is why Dräger first began discussions with Unifiedpost Group, all with the aim to innovate its outbound invoicing processes.

Embarking on change

Previous to a partnership with Unifiedpost Group, Dräger, just like many companies, first carried out its invoicing processes via traditional methods. With over 200,000 invoices every quarter this certainly wasn’t an easy task. The business distributed invoices via PDFs, emails and print and post, which was time consuming, inefficient and costly.

So in 2015, Dräger decided to embark on a journey of change.

A partnership forged in efficiency and innovation

Two key drivers fuelled Dräger’s need for change. Firstly, the business was keen to reduce the amount of paperwork created in its outbound financial supply chain process. Not only does manual invoicing processes use a vast amount of paper, but the energy to print and post invoicing documents also incurs unnecessary costs and environmental impact.

Secondly, Dräger recognised the need to adapt to the growing global electronic invoicing mandates. More and more governments are introducing mandatory electronic invoicing, with the overall aim to reduce each country’s VAT gap. Each country has slightly different rules and regulations, therefore it’s challenging for businesses to have the knowledge and software required to comply with each mandate. This is why Dräger sought a partner who was experienced enough to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

This is where Unifiedpost Group came into the picture.

Navigating challenges with Unifiedpost Group

Even though Dräger was clear on its intention to transition to electronic invoicing, there were still project challenges.

Implementing electronic invoicing processes across a large company does not need to be complicated but it still takes time, especially when tailored to fit Dräger’s exact needs. Dräger also knew that the changing landscape caused by the introduction of SAP in the partner companies would pose a challenge, as Dräger's partner would expect a smooth electronic connection for document exchange in the future.

But with challenges, comes solutions. But Unifiedpost Group doesn't just provide solutions; we become architects of change, and this is what we did for Dräger.

To begin with, we transitioned Dräger to electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) processes. This transition allowed Dräger to effortlessly send digital invoices in any formats, via any channel, as requested by the customer - even print and post for the customers which still required it.

The move to electronic invoicing was especially important for adhering to both local and international e-invoicing regulations. Dräger can now easily generate invoices in the required format and distribution channel mandated by each local government, eliminating the need for constant reconfiguration whenever regulations change. This not only saves significant time but also provides Dräger with the confidence it needs knowing that Unifiedpost Group will handle all future compliance and complexities.

In addition, due to legal requirements, Dräger needed the ability to insert electronic signatures into its outgoing financial documents. This can now be done using Unifiedpost Group’s simple, user-friendly invoicing interface.

Unlocking the benefits

Dräger’s communication, administration and finance processes have fundamentally shifted with Unifiedpost Group’s outbound electronic invoicing solution.

E-invoicing is no longer a mere transaction; it's a necessity in efficient financial processes, meeting complex global legal requirements.

Plus, the benefits that come with electronic invoicing processes are clear to all areas of the business:

  • Less paperwork
  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved data accuracy
  • A newfound transparency in invoice receipt status, courtesy of the Unifiedpost Group’s tool acknowledgment codes
  • A reduction in printed invoices for cost efficiency and sustainability
  • Secure electronic signatures

And it’s not just Dräger who has benefited, but Dräger’s customers too. More accurate invoices, quicker invoice dispatch, all in a format and via a channel that works for each customer.

A lasting partnership

Our solutions have propelled Dräger into a future where invoicing is not just a process but a strategic advantage. With our expert knowledge of upcoming regulations and our hands-on approach to interpreting and implementing the requirements, Dräger is able to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape, while benefiting from a more seamless invoicing process.

Dräger can confidently assert that its innovation and excellent ethos covers every aspect of its operations, and the business is committed to maintaining this standard for many years to come.