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Sabam’s effective transition from paper to digital invoicing

Sabam, short for "Société d'Auteurs Belge - Belgische Auteurs Maatschappij," is a Belgian collective management organisation that represents authors, composers, and publishers of music, audiovisual works and visual arts. Founded in 1922, Sabam's primary role is to protect the rights of its members and ensure fair compensation for the use of their creative works.

The challenge

Sabam faced a problem with their invoicing processes, relying on manual paper-based methods through postal mail. This became outdated and inefficient due to evolving regulations and customer preferences. Changing invoicing practices demanded a shift towards digital methods to streamline processes, enhance security and reduce paper waste. Customers expected convenient electronic access to invoices for flexibility and transparency.

To address these challenges, Sabam recognised the need to modernise their invoicing process. They sought a solution to transition effectively to digital invoicing, ensuring compliance and meeting customer expectations. This required a system capable of generating and distributing electronic invoices while maintaining integrity, authenticity and legal compliance. Features such as secure digital signatures, encryption, audit trails and integration with accounting systems would be crucial.

Implementing a robust digital invoicing system would allow Sabam to enhance their process, reduce costs, and deliver a more efficient experience to customers. It would also position them to adapt to future invoicing regulations and thrive in a digital business environment.

The solution

To address these challenges, Sabam partnered with Unifiedpost Group, a leading provider of digital document solutions. Unifiedpost Group offered a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline invoicing processes and enable efficient digital document management. By leveraging Unifiedpost Group's expertise and technology, Sabam aimed to overcome the hurdles associated with transitioning to a digital invoicing system.

The benefits

  • Compliance with legislation: Unifiedpost Group's solution ensured that Sabam complied with the evolving legal requirements surrounding e-invoicing. By adopting a digital invoicing approach, Sabam minimised the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties associated with outdated paper-based processes.
  • Improved customer journey: The demand for digital invoices from Sabam's customers necessitated a seamless transition to a more efficient invoicing system. Unifiedpost Group's solution enabled Sabam to meet this demand, providing customers with the convenience of receiving invoices digitally, thereby enhancing their overall experience.
  • Enhanced efficiency: The adoption of a digital invoicing system significantly streamlined Sabam's invoicing processes. By eliminating the time-consuming manual handling of paper invoices, the company experienced improved efficiency and reduced administrative burden. This allowed Sabam to allocate resources more effectively and focus on core business activities.
  • Cost savings: The transition to digital invoicing resulted in cost savings for Sabam. By eliminating expenses associated with printing, postage, and physical storage, the company reduced operational costs and achieved greater financial efficiency.


Through its partnership with Unifiedpost Group, Sabam successfully navigated the transition from traditional physical invoicing to a streamlined digital invoicing system. By embracing digital transformation, Sabam not only complied with evolving legislation but also met the growing demand for digital invoices from its customers.

Unifiedpost Group's solution empowered Sabam to improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and achieve cost savings. The collaboration with Unifiedpost Group positioned Sabam as a forward-thinking organisation, capable of adapting to the changing landscape of digital document management and e-invoicing.