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Invoices and other documents

Simple and smart solutions for business.

Do you have a lot of customers and suppliers and need to manage all invoices? Do you send invoices through different channels in domestic and international markets while respecting confidentiality and privacy requirements? Receiving a lot of documents from different suppliers? Want to see them all in a digital archive, in one place? Unifiedpost will help you in the process of managing invoices and other documents.

Invoicing and document management solution

All your company invoices and other documents are delivered quickly, securely and on time to business and private customers. This is done through both physical and electronic channels. In other words, Unifiedpost organizes the entire invoicing and delivering process for your company.

We digitalise invoices and other documents received by you in various formats and channels and store them in the desired electronic archive.

Document management solution

Who is the invoice and other document management solution for?

If you have many customers and/or suppliers, managing invoices and other documents, it is a complicated process. Receiving and sending documents in different formats and channels becomes complicated without the right tools.

Unifiedpost's automated solutions will help you streamline your company's processes - generate, sort, send, receive and securely archive documents in digital format.

Business benefits

What are the benefits?


Automated processes for sending and receiving documents in various formats and channels without additional hassles, taking into account privacy requirements.

All in one

All processes for managing invoices and other documents from one supplier's "hands": generation, sending and receiving in various formats and channels, archiving, reporting, etc.


You know the status of each document delivery. We provide reports with statuses, when invoices and other documents have been sent or reviewed. It makes communication with your customers easier.

Less costs

No big investment in technology or expertise that is required. Less technical work in administration and document maintenance.


Automated sending of invoices and other documents

Unifiedpost will help you prepare invoices in electronic or other formats (PDF, paper, bank e-invoices, etc.) and deliver them to your customers.

Provide the required data or document images and we will generate the desired format and send the documents to the specified contacts via various channels:

Peppol network


Register Center „E. Sąskaita“

Internet banks

Customer's preferred systems or epay.lt

Traditional mail (print and post)

Electronic signatures on invoices

Effective methods for faster collection of contributions

Payment links, QR codes and PSD2 payments
Payment links or QR codes that are included on the sales invoices for sending, will help you collect payments from your customers faster with PSD2 payments.

Your customers will no longer need to enter information manually, and the payment order will be created automatically according to the data provided in the invoice. You will receive payments from customers safely and quickly. More about the payment solution is here.

Bank e-invoices
E-invoicing via internet banks (formerly direct debit) is one of the most effective channels for regular and timely payment of bills. There are almost 4 million people registered online banking users in Lithuania (source).


Data conversion and uploading to various systems

We can convert the invoice data you provide to the desired format and provide it to you, your partners, Peppol, RC "E.Sąskaita", to the tax administrator (i.MAS in the electronic invoicing subsystem i.SAF), on various platforms or accounting systems according to the applicable standards.


Document digitalisation and e-archive

We digitalise documents of various formats (paper, .pdf, etc.) and prepare their data in the required format, include other digital documents, index and place them in desired systems (self-service portals, accounting systems, for the tax administrator, etc.) or in reliable data repositories.

With an electronic archive, you will be able to quickly and conveniently sort data according to the selected criteria at any time, find the necessary documents, track their status and other necessary information, export to other company systems for their analysis.

Banqup's technology partnerships
Invoice approval workflows


We provide a report with delivery and review statuses of all documents sent through various channels and forms. This will help you have better communication with your customers.

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