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Sales Invoice Solution

Automate and streamline your sales invoicing processes.

Sales Invoice Solution

What is our Sales Invoice Solution?

Streamline the management of your sales invoice processes and customer e-invoice requests using Unifiedpost Group's Sales Invoice Solution.

Using our Sales Invoice Solution your business benefits from one comprehensive service to automate the distribution and management of your B2C, B2B and B2G invoices.

Automate invoice creation, distribution and change the way your business manages invoicing processes. Create invoices in any format and send via a multitude of digital and physical channels. All in compliance with government guidelines.

Create streamlined invoicing processes and improve your business’ efficiency.

What are the business benefits?


Send invoices in a prompt and timely manner


Check every stage and action involved in the invoice journey


Simple invoicing processes without the manual, time-consuming hassle


Improve the quality of your processes through automated technologies and the reduction of human intervention

Acceleration of cash flow

Quicker and more accurate invoice processes accelerate your invoice to cash time

Cost savings

No major technology investments needed, just one simple sales invoice solution

How does our Sales Invoice Solution work?

Unifiedpost Group’s Sales Invoice Solution works closely with your business’ existing invoicing system.

Your business can rest easy knowing your invoices will be sent in the most convenient format for your recipients. In electronic or physical invoice formats, via the likes of Peppol, your recipient’s business software, email and even print and post. Integration with the sender’s Self-Service Portal can also be arranged.

Firstly, forward the underlying invoice data to our solution from your accounting system or business software.

Our solution then validates your data and  converts it into the required format.

‍Your sales invoice is generated and distributed to your customers via your chosen digital and/or physical channels.

All data is archived and you receive the necessary reports.

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