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Multichannel Communication Platform

Create efficient document and communication distribution methods via a multichannel communication platform.

Multichannel communication platform

What is a multichannel communication platform?

A multichannel communication platform automates the distribution of your business documents and communications for digital and physical channels.

Think about how you distribute your documents. Do you email invoices? Hand out payslips? Or post out customer communications? A multichannel communications platform can automate these tasks for you!

A simple and smart solution for your business. Benefit from automated processes, multichannel communications and a step towards digital transformation. Take a look at a demo today.

What are the business benefits?

Benefits of a multichannel communication platform

Business transformation

Get digital transformation on your agenda with a multichannel communication platform. Showcase how digital, multichannel technologies can transform business processes.


Simplify invoice and payment processes. Use multichannel technologies for quicker payments and accelerate your invoice to cash time.

Customer services

Customers can self-serve and self-pay via your multichannel communication platform. Reduce customer calls, waiting times and improve how customers interact with your business.


Simplify payroll processes. Create, distribute and archive payslips all through your portal.


Get more connected to your staff. Notify global employees of new communications and business documents via your multichannel communication platform.


Enhance and automate future digital developments. Integrate your multichannel communication platform into your current infrastructure.

The process

How does it work?

Once you have picked a provider, such as Unifiedpost Group, the multichannel distribution solution works simpler than you may think.

Create your document in any format.

Send your data and document via a secure HTTPs connection to Unifiedpost Group.

We check your data for discrepancies, and then apply it to your document template.

Finally, choose predefined rules if you customer doesn’t interact with the first document. For example, for every email that has bounced, print and post the customer’s document.

Your portal stores your documents securely, to access anywhere, anytime.


Customise your document distributions

Customise your multichannel communication platform for your business needs

Basic document delivery portal

Your Unifiedpost multichannel communication platform can include a range of smart and simple features. However, you may only be looking for a document delivery portal.

The way the portal works is still simple and smart:

  • Upload your data, in any format, via a HTTPs connection.
  • We check and process your data.
  • Your data is applied to your chosen template and distributed to your recipients – either digitally or by print and post.

Your platform stores and archives your documents for your business to access. A smart and simple solution for your processes.

Multichannel communication portal for customers

Are you distributing the likes of regular customer communications, invoices or internal payslips? Your multichannel communication platform can do this for you.

  • Upload your data, in any format, via a HTTPs connection.
  • We check and process your data.
  • Your data is applied to your chosen template and distributed to your recipients.
  • Recipients receive a notification via mobile app, email or SMS.
  • They click on the notification link and view their document on your portal.
  • Add pre-defined rules so that if your recipient’s email bounces they will automatically receive their document via print and post.

Track, report and analyse on every document sent via your multichannel communication platform. A simple and smart solution reducing your reporting tasks.

Multichannel communication portal with payment

Your customer can receive, view and pay their document in one single journey. Integrate your portal with your existing payment provider and enjoy instant payments.

  • Accelerate your invoice to cash time.
  • Customers enjoy an improved experience by opening, viewing and paying documents in one single journey.
  • Reduce the time and cost spent on manual processes.
  • No longer manually distribute documents, take payments over the phone or chase to see who has received your invoices.
“Unifiedpost Group have been business partners with LeasePlan UK since 2008. They have delivered and continue to maintain their products and services with a commitment to always wanting to fully understand the needs of LeasePlan.”

Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What are multichannel communications?

Multichannel communications refer to receiving communications via multiple communication platforms. A business offering multichannel communication provides choices for both the business and the end user.

Multichannel communications provide businesses with the tools to reach their end users more easily than ever before. Allowing a user to choose their communication channel lets them choose the channel they favour the most. For some this might be email. For some, an SMS message is the best way to reach them. And for those who still like to receive a letter in the post, then print and mail is the communication channel of choice for them.

Overall, multichannel communications allow businesses to show they are putting their users’ choices first. A choice which will help their user engagement.

How much does a multichannel communication platform cost?

Our multichannel communication platform is tailored to your requirements. For example, you may only wish to use the platform to send your data and documents to then distribute to your customers.

However, you may also require payment functionality, invoice nudge notifications or a branded portal. We create the solution around your business’ and customers’ needs.

Is a multichannel communication platform difficult to use?

Not at all! You may just wish to send your document and data straight to us and we do the rest for you.

However, you may also wish to use the platform yourself. Your Project Management and Customer Service team will make sure you have all the training you need to successfully use your multichannel communication platform.

What are the benefits of a multichannel communication platform?

Improved customer experience

Do you communicate by post, telephone or email? Improving communication methods can mean providing customers with their information in an effective and timely manner. Your customer may contact your business for a council tax bill or a pension statement. Instead of a phone call, your customer can access their documents via a multichannel communication portal. On your own branded portal, customers can log in and have access to all their communications. No longer will customers need to worry about filing letters or documents away, as the portal stores their documents for them. Making for one less phone call and your customer finding their information at the touch of a button.

Faster payments

Getting paid on time can reduce a lot of business pressures. A reduction in reminder notifications, DSOs and debtor days.Via your multichannel communication portal you can integrate payment functionality. Any document or communication requiring payment will be alongside a payment button. Customers can receive, view and pay their documents via one single customer journey. Creating an improved customer experience, and getting your payments even faster.

Communication channels for all types of customer

Not all customers are the same. Nor should they be treated the same. Showing that you are putting your customers first means giving your customers choices. Using a multichannel communication portal allows customers to choose how they would like to be communicated with. Some customers prefer communications via email. Some prefer by SMS. And your more traditional customers may still opt for print and post. But how your team creates and distributes your documents and communications is still the same!

Being more green

Switching from physical to digital communications reduces the amount of paper your business uses. A multichannel communication portal makes your documents completely digital in their life-cycle. Saving you not only paper, but envelopes as well. Plus, think about the reduction of printing materials, machines and even the energy consumption physical delivery might take.

Less admin and manual tasks

Your multichannel communication portal reduces your business’ admin and manual tasks. Document creation, mail merges, printing, franking, distributing documents. A reduction of all these tasks, thanks to your own portal.The cost and time reduction a portal brings can benefit various areas of your business.

Can I use my multichannel communication platform anywhere?

Yes! All you and your business needs is a device and an internet connection.

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