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Simple and smart cross-sector data exchange with other service providers.

What is interoperability?

Exchanging electronic invoices through a service provider is rapidly rising. Businesses don’t want the stress of creating their own solution and keeping up with the maintenance, therefore more and more businesses are using service providers who simply do the work for them.

However, what happens if customers or suppliers use different service providers? Will data be freely exchanged or will this create issues?

This is why the notion of interoperability was established. Interoperability allows users to freely exchange information between electronic invoicing service providers, without needing to leave their own provider’s platform and interface.

Only businesses using leading service providers can benefit from interoperability. With Unifiedpost Group this is all possible. Our leading digital solutions connect to service providers all over the world. What does this mean for your business? You only ever need to use one platform to exchange your financial supply chain documents and data.

What are the business benefits?

Increased productivity

Connect with your recipient’s service provider without any hassle.

Reduced costs

Your business doesn’t need to spend the cost setting up different connections, as the connections already exist for you.

Extend your reach

Grow your business by benefiting from a wider reach of customers and suppliers.

Peace of mind

Rely on established standards, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Why interoperability with Unifiedpost Group?

Unifiedpost Group customers already benefit from more than 100 connections to other worldwide service providers.

Unifiedpost Group is a pioneer within interoperability worldwide. We are a joint founder of GENA (previously EESPA) and VeR (Verband elektronische Rechnung e.V.).

Both associations have developed corresponding standards so that connections to other service providers are quick and simple.

We are an active participant in the EIN (GENA Interoperability Network) standard. We also have the VeR roaming seal, which provides an instantly recognisable feature linked to stringent technical requirements for proven interoperability between e-invoicing providers.

In short, interoperability with Unifiedpost Group is simple and smart.

How does interoperability work?

Interoperability streamlines processes by allowing businesses to use a single service provider for invoice data exchange.

The process is quite simple:

The sender transmits data to their service provider

The service provider forwards the data to the recipient's service provider

The recipient receives the data without knowing that the sender’s service provider was involved at all

The process streamlines collaboration even when customers and suppliers use different service providers.

Customers benefiting from our solutions

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