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Hybrid mail

At Unifiedpost Group, we use our expertise and customer service excellence to show you how hybrid mail is a simple and smart solution for your business.

Hybrid mail

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail is a cost-efficient alternative to in-house print and post, taking away the effort required to print, frank and post your business documents. Distribute your business documents via electronic or physical delivery, all without having to leave your desk.

Hybrid mail isn’t anything new. But with the rise in remote working, more and more businesses are turning to hybrid mail solutions. No longer are employees required to print and post documents from the office or their homes. Instead, the likes of invoices, customer communications and supplier documents are printed and posted via a hybrid mail provider.

Businesses have the confidence of knowing their documents and data are in safe hands. With secure data storage and transfer, plus minimal data handling, hybrid mail is a secure solution.

What are the business benefits?

Benefits of hybrid mail

Does your business send our regular communications and ad-hoc documents? Then hybrid mail is a simple and smart solution for you and many areas of your business:

Business transformation

Transform how your business distributes mail from anywhere at any time.


Hybrid mail will accelerate your invoice to cash time. With a hybrid mail digital solution, securely send your documents straight to your payee.

Customer services

Distribute customer welcome letters to membership communications. With hybrid mail you will reduce the time you spend creating and mailing documents.


Still sending out paper payslips? Use hybrid mail to email payslips straight to your staff.


From onboarding documents to pension statements. Ensure your staff receive their files much faster when using hybrid mail.


Unifiedpost Group’s hybrid mail uses our secure HTTPs connection. Feel confident knowing your business’ data and documents have a full audit trail.

The process

How does hybrid mail work?

Hybrid mail works via an online system where you can add the likes of documents, letterheads and your distribution method.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you’re on your way:

Create your business letter or document as normal. Whether this be a word document or invoice, any format is fine.

Prepare to print your document, just as you would do if a hybrid mail solution wasn’t in place.

Select Unifiedpost Group's hybrid mail print option.

Choose your configuration - paper size, colour, double-sided etc.

Select whether you would like your document to be sent electronically by email, SMS, mobile app and portal or by print and post.

Submit and you're done! Unifiedpost group picks up your submission to process and dispatch your document via your chosen delivery channel.


Customise your document distributions

Customise your hybrid mail solution for your business needs

Electronic or post

With Unifiedpost Group’s hybrid mail solution, you can distribute documents digitally or via print and post.‍

  • Electronic – Enter your recipient’s email address and select the sender email address too
  • Print and post – Choose from a range of configuration methods to suit your communication needs. From selecting where to place your the envelope window, to your postage choice
  • Both – A patient of a doctor’s surgery may need to receive a physical copy of a letter, but the doctor would prefer an email. Simple select print and post for your patient, and CC the doctor so that they receive the same copy by email.

Not every one of your business critical documents needs to look exactly the same. Choose from a range of configuration methods to suit each document.

  • Double sided or single sided – Print either single sided, or opt for a more green solution, by printing double sided
  • Colour – Cost-effective black and white, or full colour to make your brand really stand out
  • Postage – Second class, first class, recorded etc. Your postal options are endless
  • Attachments – Add a bank of attachments to your hybrid mail solution. Your business can then easily send common attachments alongside each document.
Business control

Choose which employees can use hybrid mail and how their system is set up.

  • User levels – Your hybrid mail solution can be set up with different user levels. Some employees can have more print options than other, as every department may be different
  • Validation – You may need to sign off certain business critical before they are distributed. Therefore, include a validation check so that you see all documents before we receive them
  • Changes – Need to make a change before your document send? Edit and amend any document before 3pm, before their dispatch
“Overall we have found Unifiedpost Group to be professional, attentive, helpful and adaptive to our needs. We’ve found the service to be simple and straightforward. They even took the time to run a training workshop on the Hybrid Mail service for our colleagues to ensure they were all comfortable using it.”
Teachers Building Society

Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What is hybrid mail?

Instead of printing your documents, franking and posting them, a Unifiedpost Group's hybrid mail service simply takes care of it for you.

Hybrid mail is a document distribution solution, using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. A hybrid mail service simplifies the processing and distribution of everyday business communications and documents by letting a hybrid mail provider handle the entire process, so that you don’t have to. With hybrid mail, you can easily send your business communications without ever having to physically print and post a document yourself.

Hybrid mail has been around for many years and was traditionally seen as outsourcing a business print and post set-up. And it’s easy to understand why.

Hybrid mail enables a business to easily distribute customer and supplier communications more cost-effectively and efficiently than using a traditional mailroom. The cost and time it takes for businesses to source their print material, invest in franking machines and research the best postage deals, can very quickly add up. Which is where hybrid mail really comes into its own.

With Unifiedpost Group's hybrid mail solution, businesses can reduce the time and cost it takes to manage print and post and simply outsource the task to a hybrid mail service provider.

But that’s not all. Hybrid mail has developed from being just a simple print and post outsourcing tool, and can now be used as a fully digital resource. By using hybrid mail’s electronic distribution, businesses can automate and digitalise their documents and communications to create an even more convenient and efficient outsourced document distribution solution.

How does hybrid mail work?
Preparing to send
  • Create your document as normal. This could be customer communications, a payment notification document or a customer welcome letter.
  • Click to print, as you would do if you were printing your document via your usual printer. Then select your provider’s printer option.
  • Choose your document configuration options. For example, you may have a company letterhead that you would like all employees to use. Save the letterhead within your hybrid mail system so that all users are selecting the same one.

Document distribution channel

Next, choose whether how you would like your document to be distributed:

  • Print and post
  • Email
  • Both

Print and post
  • On your document, choose the placement of your envelope window. This ensures that the address is in the exact right place when printing.
  • Select your paper, colour, configuration. You can lock down these options for the entire business, or whether you would like each employee to pick.

  • Select which email address you would like your document to come from. For example, you may wish the email to come from customerservices@yourbusiness.com or financedepartment@yourbusiness.com
  • Then select the sender’s email address.
Can I check my documents before they are sent?

Yes you can. You will give receive access to a management and reporting system. You can view your business’ communications up to the point of dispatch. Cancel or amend your documents within the system before they are sent to your customers.

You can even choose an approval process, so that every document is checked before distribution.

What are the benefits of hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail delivers a lot of value and benefits for many businesses. Coming into its own during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses adopted a hybrid mail solution to improve document distribution processes, no matter where their employees were based.

After adopting the simple solution, businesses can see the other benefits that hybrid mail delivers.

Cost savings

Benefits from between 20-60% cost savings can be achieved when using hybrid mail compared to traditional in-house print and post. A reduced cost on print materials, maintaining print equipment and postal services. Instead of paying for all the material and equipment internally, benefit from your provider’s economies of scale and advanced print technology.

Plus, when using hybrid mail’s electronic distribution, you are cutting out the need for print and post costs and utilising a much more cost-effective distribution method.

Consolidated branding

Upload one letterhead to your hybrid mail solution and have the confidence that every employee will be using the one template.

Plus, add a fixed bank of attachments and inserts and know that the same ones are being used every time.

Supports hybrid working

Hybrid mail takes minutes to set-up. Your employees are then able to use it from anywhere, at any time. All they need is a device and an internet connection.

Save time and space

No more sourcing envelopes, no more maintaining print equipment, no more checking postage services. Plus with a reduced amount of machines and material, you save space as well.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to the average office, your hybrid mail provider will typically use more environmentally friendly print and distribution equipment. Also, by utilising your provider’s postal services, you are reducing the need for separate postal services to many businesses.

Or reduce the need for print and postal altogether, when opting for hybrid mail’s electronic distribution.

Improved accuracy

Hybrid mail applies a template to your document. Addresses are always in the right place, letterheads are the same and even the bank of attachments.

Your hybrid mail solution can also include a validation check. So that your business has the ability to check every document before distribution.

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