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Digitalisation for the construction and real estate industry

Digitalisation for the accounting and financial supply chain processes of construction and real estate businesses.

Maximising digital potential

Since 2020, suppliers to public entities have been mandated to electronically submit their invoices. While some businesses in the construction and real estate industry have gone one step further and digitalised their whole financial supply chain process, others are falling behind. Partial digitalisation of the financial supply chain doesn’t create optimal efficiency. Full digitalisation of the entire financial supply chain process can revolutionise business operations.

This is where Unifiedpost Group can help. Our digital solutions take businesses on a digitalisation journey, showing them the full potential of what a digital financial supply chain can do. With our ERP software partnerships (e.g. BRZ and BPS), construction and real estate businesses can benefit from one seamlessly integrated solution, which makes the road to digitalisation even easier.

Explore what a digitalised financial supply chain solution looks like for your business.


What are the business benefits?

Powerful ERP systems combined with digital invoice receipt and invoice issue solutions, guarantee a smooth process from project start to completion. The benefits for any construction or real estate business are clear:

Cost savings

Cost reduction through simple processes and a decrease in manual, time-consuming invoicing processes.

Tax compliance

Fulfilment of tax law requirements for both local and international invoices.

Quick processes

Invoice dispatch at the push of a button - meaning you get paid even quicker.

Automated processing

Processing of all invoice formats for both incoming and outgoing invoices.

Our Partners

Take a look at our partnerships with key players and providers in the construction and real estate industry.

Our partner BPS Software GmbH

Since 1997, BPS Software GmbH has specialised in developing industry-specific software for the construction sector. Paired with Unifiedpost Group's e-invoicing solution, businesses now have a comprehensive package allowing seamless digital invoice transmission directly from BPS BAU software to recipients. The integrated solution creates ease and meets both customer-specific and e-invoicing requirements.

In this video, learn how to send electronic invoices such as X-Invoice from version of the BPS construction software.

Our partner BRZ Germany GmbH

BRZ Deutschland GmbH specialises in organisational and construction IT solutions, providing services such as organisational consulting, a cloud-based ERP construction software platform, outsourcing and training.

By working together, businesses can benefit from one comprehensive service with a seamless integration between their BRZ construction software and our electronic invoicing solution. Businesses have the peace of mind that when creating their invoice, they meet local e-invoicing regulations and can deliver their invoice in any format required.

Our customers

Customers benefiting from our solutions

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