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Digitalisation for mechanical and plant engineering

Digitalising purchasing and invoicing processes for the mechanical and plant engineering industries.

What does digitalisation mean for the mechanical and plant engineering industry?

Digitalised processes not only amplify efficiency but also streamline mechanical and plant engineering financial supply chain routine tasks, resulting in cost savings and increased competitiveness.

For SMEs within the industry, it's crucial to stay on top of the digital evolution. While concentrating on the core business is essential, it's equally vital not to overlook the potential of digitalising purchasing and accounting processes. By introducing the likes of digital automation, your business can transform purchasing and accounting tasks, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficacy.

With Unifiedpost Group, the transition to digitalised processes is simple and smart, no matter the size of business. We work with a number of leading mechanical and plant engineer companies who already benefit from digitalised processes.

Understand what digitalisation can mean for your business by viewing a demo of our innovative, but simple, solution.

What are the business benefits?

Lower costs

Lower processing costs and a reduction in financial tasks provides the industry with an opportunity to improve cash flow and speed up processes.

Easier business relationships

A digitalised solution creates a simpler process for both your business and your partners. Simple document and data conversions, means handling data formats in whichever way works best for all parties involved.

Fast and direct data exchange

Digitalised processes create flexible and uncomplicated connections to customers and suppliers. If your documents and data get to you and your customers quicker, you save time and everyone gets paid faster.

One simple interface

With Unifiedpost Group’s simple solution, you benefit from just one interface that carries out all your tasks for you.

Why digitalised solutions with Unifiedpost Group?

We already work with a number of German businesses in the plant engineering and mechanical industry who benefit from our digitalised solutions. Why did they choose to work with Unifiedpost Group?

Trial and tested standardised solutions, created with your industry in mind.

Easy integration into existing IT structures and ERP systems.

User-friendly solution with no technical expertise or digital knowledge required.

Local account and support teams, on hand for set-up and to guide you throughout your entire journey.

Format agnostic. Receive your documents in a format that works for you and automatically send your documents in a format that works for your buyer.

As e-invoicing regulations grow, so do the requirements too. With Unifiedpost Group's solution you meet regulation requirements in 60 countries worldwide.

How does digitalisation for the mechanical and plant engineering industry work?

Digitalising accounting processes

Easily digitalise your incoming and outgoing invoices, turning them into electronic documents, without any hassle.

With Unifiedpost Group’s solution, your business can process and exchange all invoice formats via a secure digital network. Feed your documents straight into your existing ERP systems and reduce manual data inputting.

Digitalising your purchasing and procurement departments

Automate all operational purchasing processes, from your purchase orders, to order confirmations to delivery bills. Compare and process any document type and format, in an accurate and automated way.

Customers benefiting from our solutions

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