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CCM, automatic smart document generation.


What is CCM?

Do you need to create documents from various non-standardised formats? If so, then CCM is the right solution for your business.

CCM automates the full document generation process. The document solution collects invoices in different formats and generates digital invoices which are then prepared for sending via multiple channels.


Who is CCM for?

CCM is perfect for businesses who distribute a large amount of customer documents.

Businesses such as banks, telecoms, utility providers.

Rather than spending valuable business time creating each and every document, automate the process using CCM.

Document management solution

What are CCM’s main features?

Analyse and compose customer documents

Simple user interface and formatting tool

Create variable content such as text, bitmaps, QR, URL, audio and video

Document template creation to easily create multiple documents

Validation and control through quality & process assurance module

Smart document creation - transpromo document, targeted communication

Webportal and document management and archive

Fully automated and secure process


Why use CCM?

Control. Easily control your quality assurance and process validation.

Transparency. Full transparency of document creation, by using templates and variable content.

Efficiency. Spend your business’ time better by automating and streamlining document generation

Security. One secure, fully automated process.

Local support. Receive ongoing support and a fast implementation process with our local team.

Document management solution
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