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E-procurement solutions

Extend your procurement processes and create one seamless digital supply chain with Unifiedpost Group's e-procurement solution.

Benefit from automated workflows and improved inbound processes that create efficiencies for both your business and your suppliers.

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E-procurement made easy

Eliminate the need for manual, time-consuming tasks with Unifiedpost Group’s e-procurement services.

Extend your existing procurement environments so that all your suppliers, no matter how big or small, can participate in the process. Create one consistent, automated procure-to-pay workflow, no matter the channel, protocol or technology of your supplier.

Your business benefits from a complete digital supply chain, allowing for simple and smart document and data exchange.


How do I benefit?

Save time

Reduce manual tasks and create more efficient ways of working.

Pay on time

Quicker and more accurate invoice processing means you can easily pay on time.

Be compliant

Automated document archival according to your country’s specific standards.

Extend your network

Connect to suppliers and millions of users within one trusted, global network.

How it all works

How does e-procurement work?

E-procurement with Unifiedpost Group means creating one collaboration model. Keep your existing ERP system or accounting software, and benefit from one seamless collaborative workflow.

Automated channel acceptance includes email, PDF, scanning and OCR. Without manual data-inputting required.

Document and data formats include UBL, paper and inbound international platforms. All converted to a format that works for you.

Accept your inbound documents based on the supplier, channel and formatting rules you create.

And finally, feed your documents and data straight into your existing ERP or accounting software.

Create one consistent digital supply chain process, using Unifiedpost Group’s e-procurement offering.

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E-procurement for your business

Extend your processes and create one consistent way of working with our e-procurement solutions for your size of business.

E-procurement for small businesses

For SMEs

E-procurement for SMEs may sound complicated, but with Banqup your business opens up opportunities to collaborate with the biggest of suppliers.

Collaborate with how the corporate buyer works without the need for complicated software or processes.

Accept orders, fulfill part orders and match order documents.

Create communication lines within Banqup by sending digital documents with messages, and having one clear audit trail.

Benefit from additional Banqup business services such as payments, e-invoicing and accountant collaboration.

Simple and smart procurement processes in the palm of your hand with your Banqup app.

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Man standing up in front of glass with a laptop in his hands
E-procurement for medium and large businesses

For medium-large businesses

Create a consistent procure-to-pay process for all your suppliers, documents and data using our Collect solution.

Supplier invitation - Easily transition your suppliers to digital ways of working for even smarter document and data exchange - with no effort from your suppliers required.

Purchasing cockpit - Automate document reconciliation (e.g. orders with order confirmations and invoices) and feed straight into your ERP or accounting software.

Data insights and visibility - Gain measurable performance insights and make more informed procurement decisions.

Certified archive - Remain compliant by automatically archiving your inbound documents and data according to your country’s specific requirements.

Why Unifiedpost Group

Why e-procurement with Unifiedpost Group?

One consistent procure-to-pay process for businesses of any shape and size

Invite your suppliers and create one collaborative community

Convert paper suppliers to enabled partners

Reach a network of over 1 million participants in the simplest way possible


Becoming part of Crossnet

The network for seamless supply chain processes.

Benefiting from Unifiedpost Group’s e-procurement service means also becoming part of the Crossnet network. One network to invite and collaborate with all your business partners. Collaborate with large businesses, international platforms and the smallest of companies.

But let us do the work.

We will onboard your sellers, helping you create the seamless digital supply chain processes your business needs.

Crossnet network
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• Solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes
• Multichannel inbound solutions
• Digital processes without the hassle

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