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Developer PSD2: Getting Started

Quick start

! To be able to generate and use eIDAS certificates, Unifiedpost Payments sandbox operates a Certificate Authority with a self signed root certificate. In the sandbox we provide these certificates and no others are acceptable.

  • Choose: ♦ Quick Start Unifiedpost Payments PSD2 API scripts and eIDAS sandbox certifcates
  • Open the /external/sandbox/getting-started endpoint and choose "Try it out"
  • Fill in details that you would like for your generated QWAC and QSealC certificates.
  • Modify the nationalIdentificationNumber and press the  Execute button,
  • Click the download link for the zip file and extract the scripts/certificates  to a directory.
  • From a linux command prompt execute one of:

./register.sh (you need to do this first)
./consent-status.sh (requires payment.sh or bulk-payment.sh first)
./payment-status.sh (requires consent.sh first)
./accounts.sh (requires consent.sh first)
./account-information.sh (requires consent.sh first)

  • Scripts are provided as-is to demonstrate the actions needed to interact with Unifiedpost Payments, they do not work on MacOS (curl keychain  issue and very old bash version) . The scripts have been tested on Ubuntu WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and Linux Ubuntu 18.04.  They require bash >= 4.4  and jq to be installed. On MacOS it is recommended to install Ubuntu as a Virtual Box or the Docker image provided below.
  • Some scripts take options, like date range, IBAN etc.  Passing the option -? or  --help will show these options.

In the Input text box shown after "Quick Start" modify the National Identification Number to the value of your national identifier. If you leave 999.9999.999 then a random value will be set. It is advised  but not required, to set the other values as well.


For environments where it is difficult to execute these scripts a Dockerfile is provided. To use it change to the directory where the scripts are unzipped and build the docker file with (first execution will take some time):

docker build -t upp/sandbox .

Once built a container may be executed with:
docker run -it --network=host upp/sandbox /bin/bash

Then  issue commands as normal (shell scripts are in /usr/local/bin):


! Docker has some limitations, for example the clipboard does not work (even though the output says "Copied to clipboard").


More information

Account information
Payment initiation
Sandbox details