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Management of marketing campaigns: create, send, report.


What is Unisender?

Unisender allows your business to digitally communicate with your customers.

Intended for all businesses who want to effectively communicate and manage their marketing campaigns through digital channels.

Our intuitive solution helps your business generate targeted campaigns, promotional offers and all other communications. Benefit from campaign tools such as template galleries, campaign prototypes and customer segmentation.

Focus on your core business and allow Unisender to communicate digitally with your customers.


What are Unisender’s features?

Set up and configure campaigns, workflows, and template galleries

Multichannel communication including mail, SMS, Viber and even print & post

Simple campaign scheduling

Your own CRM to provide a digital analysis of each email

Multi-tenant cloud solution

Graphic performance review and analysis

Digital archive list and search

Transparent and logged customer communication


Why use Unisender?

Effective communication. Create segmented campaigns and targeted communications.

Transparency. Track every stage of the customer journey.

Efficiency. Automated processes that save your business time and money.   

Analytics. Understand the success of your campaigns by accessing analytics and reports in just a few clicks.

Local support. Benefit from an on-hand local team providing fast implementation and ongoing support.

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