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Management of sales invoices: approval flow, sending and archiving.


What is Uniout?

How much time do you waste on your invoicing processes? Manual invoice tasks such as approving, processing, printing, distributing and even storing.

 With Uniout your invoice processes become simple. Using automated workflows and digital ways of working, your business can benefit from a smart invoice management solution in no time.

Forget about the traditional way of working and transition to smart ways of working with Uniout.

Who is Uniout for?

Uniout is designed for businesses who have a large number of customers.

As Uniout makes invoicing processes much simpler, the solution is perfect for those businesses who send a large number of invoices.

Make your invoicing processes simpler, from your approval flow to delivery to archiving, with Uniout.


What are Uniout’s main features?

Automation of managing and sending invoices

Centralised digital folder and archive for supported documents

Workflow tracking, audit, approval and sending

Rejection function, enabled comments and complaints

Track & trace reporting

Multichannel delivery (email, E-faktura)

Fully traceable delivery & actions from/to end customers

Open your own IBAN, receive constactless payments and connect your bank accounts


Why use Uniout?

Control. Digital processes increase control of the invoicing process.

Transparency. Digital records of every step in the invoicing journey.

Efficiency. Intuitive user interface allowing your business to create and distribute customer invoices in no time at all.

Compliance. With legislation and the state portal “Sistem E-faktura”.

Local support. Our team is always at your disposal, guaranteeing fast implementation and support.

Belgrade airport logo
“This solution has made the process of invoice posting, verification and sending a lot faster. Having an embedded archive is a plus. Savings have been made in time, paper and human resources. Optimisation. Using this solution resulted in decrees in the number of debtors.”
Zorica Petrović

Belgrade Airport, Key business user

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