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Solutions for pensions administrators

Easily communicate with your customers, and reduce the time you spend on manual admin and communication tasks.

Document solutions

Improve business processes with digital opportunities

As Pensions administrators, we know your mission is to provide a quality service for the schemes and businesses you service. To provide a quality service means having the digital tools and solutions in place for simple and smart communication processes.

At Unifiedpost Group, we will work with you to create a multichannel communication solution that enhances how you communicate with your customers, and reduces the time you spend on manual admin and communication tasks.

Our multichannel solutions have provided one of the UK’s largest Pensions Administrators with a fully digital customer communication offering. Our solutions moved the delivery of 1.9 million pension statements from print and post to a 100% digital portal. By switching to a portal, with customer notifications via email, the business made an annual saving of £400,000. The same could be done for you.

Help your business benefit from simple and smart multichannel solutions.

What are the business benefits?

Benefits for your business

Legal archive of historic documents

With secure document archiving, all your business and customer documents will be held securely in one place to access whenever they are needed.


We ensure compliance deadlines are met. By migrating to digital delivery you will also remove 3-5 days from your communication delivery time.

Automated reporting

Measure open rates, customer engagement levels and bounce back reports with our automated reporting tools.

Notify your customers instantly

Your customers can be notified the instant you distribute a new document or communication, whether this be via portal, email, mobile app or SMS.

Frameworks and accreditations

We understand your business is in a heavily regulated industry, therefore you will have the confidence of working with an ISO accredited partner who understands the levels of data security and secure systems that need to be in place.

Increase your customer satisfaction

With the option to self-serve and communication choices, your business will show that you are putting your customers’ choices first.

How it all works

How digital solutions can streamline your processes

Pensions administrators partner with Unifiedpost Group, to digitalise customer communications.

By using our multichannel solutions, your customers have the choice of how they want to be communicated with - your own branded portal, email, mobile app, SMS or traditional print and post.

By using your own branded portal, your customers can self-serve, by accessing and actioning new and old documents. Not only do our solutions enhance your customer experience, but a multichannel communication solution for your business will also reduce your customer enquiries and reduce the time your business spends on manual communication and admin tasks.

Find out how multichannel solutions can transform your business processes and customer experience with Unifiedpost Group today.

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