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Payment Hub

One payment platform for all your payments, accessible anywhere and anytime.

Payment Hub

What is Payment Hub?

Payment Hub streamlines and consolidates business payment processes. Suitable for a wide range of file and payment formats, converting them into the required bank format.

As a SWIFT certified solution, your business can centralise both your national and international payments. Reach more than 10,000 financial institutions in more than 200+ countries.

And reaching those institutions and countries is easy when you have the right automated payment processes in place.

Automate authorisation workflows, reporting and business notifications. All designed to create easier ways of working and more streamlined processes.


What are the main features?

File management

Convert payments, files and statements into the required bank format. Including both domestic and international types and formats.

Audit trail

One clear overview of payment processes, transactions and changes.

Workflow management

Tailor your authorisation workflows to suit your business.


Open your own IBAN, receive contactless payments and connect your bank accounts

Manual payments

Manually create online payments messages, both SEPA and non-SEPA.

Cash pool reporting

Set up your own cash pool structures to receive your bank accounts’ reporting when you need.

ERP and TMS integration

We take care of the technical connections with ERP and TMS to exchange payments and reporting.

Archive and export

Digitally archive all your payment files and transactions. And export to .csv or PDF files when you need.


Why use Payment Hub?

Streamline your payments. Payment Hub streamlines businesses’ national and international payments.

One integrated overview. All your payments on one secure platform.

Flexibly authorise your payments. Authorise your payments anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Reduce your costs. Payment Hub services are modular. Pay as you go and scale up and down as you wish.

SWIFT Certified

The SWIFT solution centralises all your national as well as international payments. This way, the solution optimizes control and management. The easiest way to reach more than 10,000 financial institutions in more than 215 countries. In 2024 Payment Hub received the Cash Management Label from SWIFT.

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In 2024 Payment Hub received the Cash Management Label from SWIFT.

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