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Digitally. Registered.

The qualified trusted service to send registered letters digitally.

Digitally. Registered.

What is Digitally. Registered.?

Each year, over 33 million important documents are sent by registered mail.

Unifiedpost streamlines the registered mail process by digitalising each step. Allowing businesses to remove the need for physical mail and distribution, and save 4x the process cost.

Our digitally registered mail has the same legal value as a paper registered mail. Using Unifiedpost Digitally. Registered. solution provides your business with secure confidence.

Digitally. Registered. is eIDAS accredited, an accreditation from the Belgian Federal government stating we are a qualified trusted service provider to secure legally mandated approval.

Business benefits

What are the business benefits?

Significant cost savings

No more postal processes

Send registered letters any time

No more content disputes

The process

How does Digitally. Registered. work?

A webportal is available for you to view every step of the journey.

Upload your document to our platform. We stamp the sending receipt and send it to the recipient.

The recipient is notified via email or SMS.

The recipient’s identification is checked via an identity verification tool e.g. itsme.

The identified recipient receives your document. We stamp the receiving receipt.

“Unifiedpost Group, with its proven track record in digitalising similar processes, developed this innovative solution for registered letters, making them the obvious partner in taking this next step.”
Dimitri De Schepper

Digital Director Securex


Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What is Digitally. Registered?

Digitally. Registered. is an online platform used by companies to send digitally registered mail to their customers. A digitally registered mail is the digital version of a registered mail on paper.

The digital version has the same legal value throughout Europe as a paper one because Unifiedpost Digitally. Registered. has been acknowledged as a qualified trust service for digitally registered mail (eIDAS). You can find us on the list of trust services within Europe.

Digitally. Registered. ensures the correct delivery of the document with the necessary supporting documents attached. The integrity of the document is guaranteed throughout the process.

What happens if the recipient doesn't accept your document?

A digitally registered mail has the same legal value as a registered mail on paper. For the business, immediately after you have sent your document you can download your sent receipt. Therefore you have legal proof that you have sent your document.

You can also see whether or not your recipient has picked up your document. You will be able to download either an accept receipt or an expired receipt (only available after your expiry date).

What is the purpose of the webportal?

You can request access to the webportal. The webportal allows you to monitor the status of your registered mail:

  • Track the customer journey actions
  • Download accept and expiry receipts
  • See the details of your documents
  • Manage manual intakes and also monitor automated intakes
  • Manage users and segregation of duties
How do I start with Digitally. Registered.?

Fill in the form below and we will be in touch. We will let you know how much your business can save by transitioning to Digitally. Registered. mail.

Why am I getting this email?

If you received an email from digitally.registered@unifiedpost.com regarding a digitally registered letter, it means that a user of our service has sent you a document. The sender of the document has been given permission to reach you via your email address.

I don't have itsme, can I still view the document?‍

At this time, only itsme is used as an identification method.  Access is protected through your itsme identity. Log in with itsme guarantees that only you get access to the registered mail. Without itsme, you can’t accept digitally registered mails for the time being.

The installation manual of the itsme app and the link of your identity are described via this link.

How do I find out who sent me this document?

The sender of a digitally registered shipment can be different for each delivery. The sender of the document chooses whether or not to show his name before you accepted the document. If the sender does not want to share his information before you accept the document,  you will receive an overview of existing customers within our service.

Why do I have to share so much identity information through itsme?

Digitally. Registered. only shows the digitally registered mail if the data about the recipient sent by the sender is sufficiently equal to the data that the recipient shares via itsme. To increase the chance of success, Digitally. Registered. will use algorithms and the use of the data you share can offer sufficient certainty whether or not to show the document to the correct recipient.

What is the first page in the document?

The first page is proof of delivery. The document contains a digital signature that can be viewed from that page using references.

What is the value of a document that has been accepted?

A digitally registered shipment sent via Digitally. Registered. has the same legal value as a registered mail brought to your home by the postman. This because Digitally. Registered. is officially a Qualified electronic Registered Delivery Service (QeRDS) in Europe.

How long will my document remain available online?

There are two terms that apply here:

  • In case you have not yet accepted the document, the availability date will differ from document to document. The sender chooses this date when he uploads the document.
  • Once the document has been accepted by you, it remains valid for 14 days after the day of acceptance.
I get a message that the document is not for me, what now?

No worries! If you see this message, it means that our service has found an insufficient resemblance to the data you shared through itsme and the real recipient who the sender is trying to reach. In this case, the registered mail is not intended for you.

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