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Digitalisation for public administrations

Certified financial supply chain solutions, "Made in Germany" for public clients.

European guarantee for municipalities

European guarantee for municipalities

The XRechnung is an established standard for public administration. In addition, this also means that all formats in line with European standards must be processed.

What does this mean for standards from other countries? Is it necessary to receive ZUGFeRD? How can it be ensured that all future updates of these formats can be received? The new PEPPOL standard is already obligatory at a federal level. Will this obligation also apply to municipalities?

You are in safe hands with Unifiedpost Group’s European guarantee. We handle invoice processing of all standards - whether they are compulsory now or will be in the future. We deal with any invoice format and convert it into a format that works for you. All without extensive work from your IT department required.

View a demo of our compliant solution for your public business.


Powerful partnerships with Sparkassen and communal data centres

Our solutions for invoice receipt are fine-tuned with many communal data centers and integrated in their systems.

This means that Unifiedpost Group can handle any invoice format, processed via the invoice approval workflow within the relevant data center. Your public entity benefits from a digitalised, electronic solution, automatically in line with all existing and future EU regulation requirements.

We have had a long-standing and trusting partnership with S-Public Services. Together, we developed the Sparkassen Rechnungsservice, which has been operating as an independent invoicing service of the Unifiedpost Group since January 2024. Our products are very popular with savings banks, insurance companies, local authorities and industrial companies. We are in close contact with the savings banks and can respond directly to the requirements and needs of public administrations with our experience.

Such a solution enables the invoice recipient to receive all requested data formats such as the European standard, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD. In addition, PDF and paper invoices can also be processed. Together with local Sparkassen and campaign tools, we support you in ensuring your suppliers can also switch to an electronic process too.

Join the likes of KRZ Minden-Ravensberg, Komm.ONE, ekom21 and AKDB data centers and start seeing the benefits of a digitalised solution for your public business.

Secure and certified solutions already used by many public sector customers

As pioneers in electronic invoicing, Unifiedpost Group collaborates closely with public administration. Already linked to the federal portal, we send invoices to connected ministries, meeting regulatory specifications.

Our secure, certified solutions are made in Germany, with data stored in certified Rhein-Main data centers. Our IDW PS 951 certification ensures high processing standards aligned with GoBD, preventing fraud and spam.

All invoices undergo advanced filtering within Unifiedpost Group systems, ensuring only authorised invoices reach their recipient.

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Customers benefiting from our solutions

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