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Banqup is the simplest way to manage your payments, billing and admin on one digital platform.

Using one secure ecosystem SMEs and accountants have the technology, functionality and external partner links to simplify their tasks.


What is Banqup?

Banqup is for businesses that deserve better. For SMEs, freelancers and the self-employed who want to manage their payments, invoices and admin with ease.

Banqup transitions businesses to automated, digital processes so that time is no longer wasted on manual, time-consuming tasks.

Because businesses deserve better. Businesses deserve Banqup.

Your one-stop-shop solution

Solution for SMEs


Pay and get paid with ease. Payment buttons, flexible invoice financing and one view of your entire cash flow.


Receive invoices, create invoices and send invoices. All done in no time at the touch of a button.


No more data-inputting or document searching ever again. Banqup’s OCR technology and digital doc centre makes admin a breeze.

Man with sunglasses on top of his head pointing at camera
“Banqup is a quick fix that works: fast, plug & play, and without the hangover. All I can say is to give it a try!”

The driving force behind Turbeau Noir

The benefits of Banqup

Why Banqup?

Invoicing and payment tools

Pay and get paid faster

Have the confidence knowing you can pay and get paid faster using Banqup’s invoicing features and your Banqup Business Wallet.

Top-up your Business Wallet using your integrated existing bank accountants and benefit from simple, easy processes that allow you to pay and get paid faster than ever before.

Add payment buttons to electronic invoices and get paid even faster

Automatic payment reminders so that you never experience a late payment again

Automatic recurring payments and batch payments

Easy payment acceptance using PSD2 (open banking), credit cards and local payment methods

Real-time reconciliation between invoices and payments

Moving image of the invoicing dashboard in the Banqup app
Moving image of a dashboard with converting documents
The simplest business tool

Increase productivity

Manual, paper processes are a thing of the past. Automate payment, invoicing and billing tasks and benefit from simple digital business processes in no time at all.

Electronic invoice creation and distribution in less than 60 seconds

Digitally collaborate with your accountant in real-time

No more loose receipts and paper documents

Easy invoice archival, search and filter functionality

Use on the go with your Banqup app

Cash flow and data insights

Improve your cash flow

Flexible invoice financing, real-time data insights and integrated bank accounts. All Banqup features that aid your future cash flow.

Optimise your cash flow using Banqup’s flexible invoice financing

Clear dashboards showing past, present and future cash flow and insights

Integrate your existing bank accounts and benefit from one real-time view of all your bank balances and transactions

Correct and on time payments provide a more accurate cash flow

Moving image of the dashboard of financing in the Banqup app
Moving image of a dashboard of the Banqup tools
For SMEs and accountants

Business growth

Banqup’s real-time accountant access and data insights, provide you with the tools to help grow your business easier than ever before.

Collaborate with your accountant in real-time

Data insights and trends that help your accountant provide their expert financial advice

Connect to international networks and businesses within the secure Banqup ecosystem

Easily comply with local tax and e-invoicing regulations for one less thing to worry about

Access your local Banqup solution today

Discover Banqup