Manage your entire business in a single tool.

Akti manages CRM, invoicing, stock and interventions for you.

What is it?

What is Akti?

Simplify your administration and manage all your business processes in a cloud-based solution: from managing the details of prospects to collecting payments from

Thanks to our digital all-in-one solution, you always have a clear overview of your business administration. Spending less time on administrative tasks means you have more time for your customers.

Why choose Akti

Digitalise, professionalise and see your company grow

Reduce administration

Centralise all your business
administration in one tool. Spend
less time on administrative tasks
and follow-up. Have more time for
things that really matter, your

Better insights

Thanks to KPIs and reporting, you
always know the financial health of
your business: monthly revenue,
overdue sales invoices,
outstanding purchase invoices,
services to be invoiced.

Increase revenue

Benefit from our business
expertise to scale your business.
Increase your revenue by
professionalising your business
processes. This revenue increase
is a must to grow your business.

Why Akti helps

Why use Akti?

Streamline stock management

Manage stock at multiple locations, using serial numbers or batch numbers. In addition to product categories, Akti also offers support for composed products and even product variants. Akti’s stock management provides you up-to-date and accurate information about the storage location of each product and the status of each order, both for orders from your customers and your suppliers.

Optimise your services

Akti allows you to register articles used on site, working hours and any additional expenses. By creating contracts and follow-up interventions you won’t forget anything. You get a clear overview of the planning of your technicians, real-time updates of stock and can easily invoice the delivered goods and provided services.

Manage your customers and invoice digitally

Manage your customer relationships and create advanced quotes with Akti. Multiple versions of quotations are kept up to date. After accepting the final version you can easily create an order and delivery form. You send invoices digitally. You also can add purchase invoices to Akti, giving you a real-time view of your cashflow. At the same time, all documents are synchronised with your accounting tool to avoid double data entry.

Digital invoicing made simple

Digital invoicing

Create invoices in just a couple of clicks. Send digital invoices via email, register payments from your customers and send reminders for late payments, all via one easy-to-use platform.

Akti offers multiple KPIs and reporting so you can monitor the financial well-being of your company in real-time:

1. Track payment of invoices and check your customers balance.
2. Anticipate recurring revenue and upcoming invoices.
3. Control your cash balance by comparing revenue and expenses.

Send your sales and purchase invoices digitally to your accountant.
Save time and money by integrating with other tools that make your live easier.

Manage & anticipate your stock in real time

Stock management

Create and manage orders and purchase orders in Akti. You know exactly what your stock situation is at any given time.

- Set optimal minimum and maximum stock thresholds per article.
- Anticipate stock evolutions to be sure you can fulfil every order.

Create orders for your customers in just a few clicks. Receive stock warnings if you reach your stock limits and keep an eye on your anticipated stock.

Create a delivery for all your articles that are in stock and backorder the missing items.
Your stock evolves in real time when deliveries are registered.

Create invoices for a single delivery in one click or group multiple deliveries on a singleinvoice. Never lose track of what still needs to be invoiced and make sure all your deliveries get invoiced as soon as possible.

Send e-invoices directly through the platform

Akti benefits

Our advanced features

Multi-site stock

Manage stock in multiple
warehouses and transfer stock between locations.

Serial numbers and batches

Keep track of serial and batches for specific articles: when were they bought, sold and to whom.

Price management

Define price categories for
different types of customers. Manage volume discounts and set custom prices for specific customers.

Multi language

Translate article names to multiple languages and create documents automatically in the language of your customer.

What can Akti do for accountants?

Akti integration with Billtobox

Save precious time

Thanks to the integration of Akti with Billtobox, you receive invoices from your customers digitally in UBL format which can be directly imported into your
accounting tool.

Insight into daily activities

Via the accountant’s portal you get
a centralised view of the daily
activities of your customers with
real time updates

Spread and reduce your workload

Invoices are automatically exported in a
digital format so you can process them
faster. No more quarterly stress!


Akti grows with you

We guide your customers step by step during their digitalisation process.

For you as an accountant, nothing changes, no need to change software every six months and spend a lot of time adjusting administrative workflows. Akti offers a sustainable and long term solution that grows with the needs of your customer.

Start with digital invoicing and evolve to quotation management, inventory management and service planning.

Offer your customers an exclusive package with an everlasting financial benefit.

Share bank statements with your accountant.

Your accountant receives everything without you having to go out the door.

Avoid stress around the VAT period.


Akti grows
with your needs

Thanks to a modular approach Akti has a package that fits your needs.
Do your needs change?
At any time you can switch between packages.


Only yearly plan


Per month

Bis zu 50 Dokumente pro Jahr
Archivieren Sie Ihre Dateien bis zu 12 Monate lang
Erstellen Sie ganz einfach Rechnungen
Growth Stock

€121 per month
in monthly plan


Per month

Starten Sie schnell und einfach mit einer 100 % digitalen Verwaltung
Archivieren Sie Ihre Dateien bis zu 7 Jahre lang
Zahlungen werden mit CODA-Daten bereitgestellt

€175 per month
in monthly plan


Per month

100 % digitale Verwaltung mit integrierten Zahlungslösungen
Verknüpfen Sie zwei externe Bankkonten
Bezahlen Sie mehrere Kaufrechnungen auf einmal
General Functionalities
Quotes & invoicing
Integrations with 3rd party software tools
Product catalogue
Supports sales prices, purchase prices and limited supplier information.
Advanced catalogue
Additional features such as price categories, serial numbers, batches, translations and composed articles.
Sales & purchase orders
Field Service Management
Maintenance Contracts
Service Scheduling
Stock management
Number of users
Cost per extra user per month
“Thanks to Akti, we created a sustainable purchase and sales process. Everything is created and sent via Akti. ”
Aad van Stenus

Managing Director AS Lighting

“Thanks to Akti, we managed to centralise our administration which allows us to work more efficiently. It’s key that our stock is always up-to-date. Additionally, we always have a clear view on the status of our orders.”
Philippe Bleyen

Managing director Mobirack


Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What is the minimum duration of the contract?

You get charged monthly when paying by invoice. If you would like to pay by wire transfer, you can do this by signing up with us for a year. You get a 10% discount for annual payment.

You find all information in our User Agreement.

Do you offer a discount on subscriptions for startups?

Yes, we do. You can get a discount of 50% during the first year on your Akti license if you meet a number of criteria. You can contact us via sales@akti.com to explore this in more detail.

Is there a notice period for the subscription?

You can cancel your subsription up until 15 days before your renewal date by sending an email to support@akti.com.

All details can be found in our User agreement.

Can I try Akti for free?

Yes, you can start a free 30-day trial account on our website. When you are ready to purchase Akti, your trial account will be automatically converted into a production account. No data will be lost.

Can I easily import my current data into Akti?

Yes, you can. We have an Excel-based import functionality for both the CRM module and the Catalogue module

Is support included in the subscription?

Yes, if you cannot find the answer in our Knowledge Base, send an email to support@akti.com. Our support team will help you in Dutch, French or English.


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