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Unifiedpost will implement a project financed by the European Union

March 16, 2023
2:58 pm

Unifiedpost, UAB is allocated EU funding for the implementation of the project "Creation of an information technology solution - a data exchange tool that promotes data availability and reuse". The aim of this project is to create a tool that would allow Lithuanian market entities to send, receive and process electronic invoices through the Peppol network in accordance with the EU standard.

Problems that will be solved

The availability, dissemination and possibility of reuse of Lithuanian public sector data are limited: the data of individual sectors are opened unevenly; lack of public sector involvement in the process of opening up and re-using their data; lack of public sector interest in sharing data with business, non-governmental organizations and scientific representatives. One area that needs to be improved and digitized is the invoice management process (sending, receiving, processing).

Currently, the Lithuanian public procurement sector uses the information system “E. Sąskaita”, as well as individual providers offering e-invoice management solutions. However, no data exchange tool has been designed and developed to allow large-scale sending, receiving and processing of electronic invoices according to the European electronic invoice standard.

Planned results

After the creation of an information technology solution - a data exchange tool that promotes the availability and reuse of data - the hitherto missing unified e-invoice format will appear on the Lithuanian market and essential obstacles to the efficient exchange of documents will disappear.

The planned solution will comply with all measures of progress (years 2021-2030) of the state digitization development program of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania, No. 05-002-01-07-07 "Encourage data availability and reuse" describes the technical requirements specified in the measure, i.e.:

  • Peppol Network requirements (AS4 profile, Business Message Envelope (SBDH)).
  • Sent/received electronic records meet Peppol BIS 3.0 Post-Award requirements.
  • Solution tests are planned with at least 3 business management systems (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning) / e. invoicing (eInvoicing) solution manufacturers using an access point connected to PEPPOL and SMP/SML* and submitted documents confirming a successful test (*SML – Service Metadata Locator; SMP – Service Metadata Publisher).
  • The created information solution – a data exchange tool - will be published in a publicly available directory (e.g. github) and freely available to everyone for at least 5 years (solution documents (instructions) will be prepared and published, which indicate how the solution should be implemented and used; the software code of the developed solution will be published; the ready-to-deploy version will be published).


01 / 2023 - 08 / 2023

Project value

345.885,42 Eur

EU funding

345.885,42 Eur

More information about the project in Lithuanian is here

More information about the created data exchange tool “Euroconnector” in Lithuanian is here.

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