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Digital Transformation

How to pick the right e-procurement solution

January 5, 2023
9:00 am

There are a variety of e-procurement solutions that support your procurement processes. From solutions that process individual purchases, through to fully automated purchase-to-pay solutions. To discover which is right for your business, take a look at the following criteria you may want to consider.

Short project times

A disadvantage of many e-procurement solutions is the time it can take to not only get started, but the time it takes to onboard users and suppliers too.

Longer durations can lead to project delays, which won’t save time compared to your manual way of working. Therefore, when choosing an e-procurement provider, ask about project lengths and supplier onboarding.

Automation of all operational procurement processes

You may only want to digitalise a small part of your procurement processes - but this could change in the long-term. So, when choosing your e-procurement solution, think of the bigger picture. Which parts of the supply-chain process do you want to digitalise now, and which parts may you want to digitalise in the future?

Always think longer term and choose a provider who can cater for your future needs.

Supplier satisfaction

The best solution is of no use to you if your suppliers aren't happy too.

Leading providers will help you onboard your suppliers, making it easy for both them and you. This means suppliers won't see much disruption to their existing ways of working. They can still send their documents in any format, via any channel. Your e-procurement solution will do the translation and processing for you.

What does this mean for your suppliers? More efficient processing and therefore quicker payments for them.

Choosing Unifiedpost Group’s e-procurement solution

Unifiedpost Group is a leading e-procurement provider. When businesses choose our Collect e-procurement solution, they enjoy easy supplier onboarding, invoice approval workflows and a certified archive. All features and functionality to transition businesses to automated, digitalised ways of working.

Explore even more about Collect, and discover how Unifiedpost Group can be the most beneficial e-procurement provider for your business.

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