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Compliance and Regulations

Compliance and opportunities for Polish businesses with ProAlpha and Unifiedpost Group

December 13, 2023
9:00 am

In July 2024, Polish businesses will be obliged to only send and receive business-to-business (B2B) electronic invoices.

The change has been on the horizon for a few years, and was originally due to start in January 2024, and then July 2024, but we now see further delays. But this does not mean that businesses can sit back and relax.

Preparation is key. Businesses in Poland will need to address their current processes and systems to not only create electronic invoices (e-invoices), but to send them to the Polish tax authority platform Krajowy System e-Faktur (KSeF).

One way Polish businesses can prepare, and benefit from the upcoming changes, is through the joint partnership of ProAlpha and Unifiedpost Group.

ProAlpha: ERP software for small and mid-sized businesses

ProAlpha is a leading ERP provider for small and medium companies, operating in over 50 global countries, with over 8,000 customers from different industries worldwide.

ProAlpha’s ERP offering is the “backbone of digital transformation”. The ERP solution creates a consistent data workflow, connecting its customers with their partners and customers through one seamless connection.  All designed to enhance business productivity through digital transformation, ensuring uninterrupted processes.

ProAlpha's Polish customers face a challenge as they prepare for the upcoming B2B electronic invoicing mandates. Balancing their existing ERP solution with the necessary steps for mandatory e-invoicing poses the question of how to seamlessly integrate both aspects into their workflow.

This is where Unifiedpost Group comes in.

ProAlpha and Unifiedpost Group: Creating one single process

Unifiedpost Group and ProAlpha are working in partnership to help Polish customers embrace the digital transformation that ProAlpha’s ERP offers, while also creating and sending compliant electronic invoices to Poland’s platform KSeF.

How does this work?

Using our REST API, we created a connection between ProAlpha’s ERP system and our Crossnet network. Our Crossnet network is made up of thousands of digital connections, allowing users to connect to other businesses and national tax authority platforms, to exchange e-invoices. Over one million companies already exchange their documents through Crossnet, a number which will grow when Poland’s mandates begin.

The process with ProAlpha is simple. A ProAlpha customer creates their e-invoice in ProAlpha’s solution, therefore remaining familiar with an interface they already know so well. Once their invoice is created, Unifiedpost Group's Crossnet lookup connects to Poland’s KSeF platform and sends the customer’s invoice directly to the platform. ProAlpha remains in front of the customer, while Unifiedpost Group’s integrated API and Crossnet network makes the connection in the background.

What does the partnership mean for small and medium businesses?

It means simplicity. One simple solution, connecting businesses to KSeF without any extra work or complications required, tailored to the needs of ProAlpha users at a reasonable price.

The ProAlpha and Unifiedpost Group partnership transports small and medium businesses even further on their digital journey and ensures they remain compliant along the way. Not only will ProAlpha’s customers be able to send electronic invoices straight from their ERP to KSeF, they will be able to send their electronic invoices to their customers and suppliers too.

ProAlpha’s customers can also benefit from the many advantages electronic invoicing creates. From faster payments, to increased visibility, to enriched security plus many more. Take a look at the detailed e-invoicing benefits here.

“As a global e-invoicing provider, we put our partners and their customers in a comfortable position to send their transactional documents (such as invoices) nationally and internationally in a legally compliant manner, in accordance with the respective compliance rules. It was important to proAlpha that their Polish customers can do this using one single user-interface they are familiar with.”
Unifiedpost Group's Sascha Wendt.

What is next for the ProAlpha and Unifiedpost Group partnership?

The partnership integration and connection with KSeF is currently in the development stage, planned to be fully operational when the Polish B2B mandates begin.

Poland is still one of the first European countries to mandate B2B electronic invoicing, but it certainly isn’t the last. Countries such as Latvia, Germany, Spain and France have all announced their plans to mandate B2B electronic invoicing. Not only will local businesses need to adapt their invoicing systems and processes, but international businesses will need to adapt too.

ProAlpha, as an international player, will be at the forefront of such mandates, and working with Unifiedpost Group will create digital connections with other European countries who have mandates on their horizon.

As Unifiedpost Group is already tax compliant in over 60 countries around the globe and a Peppol Access Point, we are the ideal partner for ProAlpha to continue on their compliance expansion.

Ensuring your compliance in Poland and beyond

Polish businesses need to start addressing their invoicing processes as soon as possible, in order to comply with the upcoming B2B mandates.

By working with ProAlpha and Unifiedpost Group, businesses can benefit from a digitalised ERP system, while ensuring their e-invoicing compliance.

To start discussing a solution for your business, get in touch with our local Polish team, who will discuss your options and the solution your business could be benefiting from. Get in touch today.

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