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A new journey for Unifiedpost Estonia and the ITL Estonian ICT Cluster

May 18, 2023
9:00 am

Andrus Kaarelson, our Country Manager of Unifiedpost Estonia, is now on the board of ITL Estonian ICT (incl. FinTech) Cluster and we are thrilled to share the news. Discover how Andrus’ new position benefits our Estonian customers and Unifiedpost Group as a whole.

ITL Estonian ICT Cluster: The organisation’s purpose

The Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies Association (ITL) has a clear purpose - to address the challenges faced by the ICT industry while allowing collaboration among its members. The ITL is a key partner for governments in drafting legislative changes, promoting the digitalisation of government services and developing e-services. By doing so, ITL aims to shape a prosperous information society in Estonia by 2030. Their vision, known as "Smart Estonia," envisions a digitally advanced nation that leverages technology to improve the lives of its citizens, enhance businesses and drive economic growth.

Discover more about Estonia’s vibrant digital history in our blog “e-Estonia: How Estonia became one of the most digital countries in the world”.

A new board member: Andrus’ role with the ITL

Andrus Kaarelson has over 25 years in the communication and information technology sectors. His previous roles relate to the development of innovative e-services that create value for people and businesses. Afterall, electronic and digital services aim to simplify lives and business processes.

As the Country Manager of Unifiedpost Estonia, Andrus’ day-to-day role does just that. Through Unifiedpost Group’s digital and electronic solutions, Estonian businesses benefit from simpler and more efficient financial and billing processes. From e-invoicing solutions that help businesses get paid faster, to SME digital financial processes that digitalise the manual, time-consuming tasks for the smallest of businesses. Andrus believes that all businesses can accelerate using digital services, allowing them to be the most efficient they can be.

It is Andrus’ passion and digital experience that drew him towards the ITL. He was invited to join the ITL board and become part of a team that plays a crucial role in facilitating digitalisation and promoting the export of ICT services.

Andrus’ new role not only aligns with his professional background but also benefits his position at Unifiedpost Group and the businesses we serve. By participating in ITL's initiatives, Andrus can leverage the knowledge gained and contribute towards providing better solutions and services to our customers.

How our services already benefit Estonian businesses

Find out more about our existing digital and electronic services available for Estonian businesses of all shapes and sizes. Discover local solutions provided by Andrus and his team, to global solutions used by businesses all over the world.

Discover the solutions available in Estonia.

About Andrus Kaarelson
Unifiedpost Estonia's Country Manager

Andrus Kaarelson has over 20 years of experience in developing e-services and IT solutions. He is also a Member of the Management Board for the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications ITL).

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