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How procurement is reinventing itself

Corporate procurement is undergoing a major transformation. Digital and automation technologies are increasing at a fast rate and changing how procurement departments operate.

The complex reality

If a business truly wants to automate their purchasing processes, it is crucial to have a smooth and error-free digital connection with suppliers. This is the foundation for a reliable and digital exchange of data and documents.


Businesses must have this foundation in place if they want to handle the complexity of communication between supplier and purchasing departments. However, the reality is quite complex. While many businesses already exchange electronically generated and readable PDF documents, achieving a problem-free data exchange is still challenging. Businesses face complexities dealing with various data formats, handling unstructured content and exchanging documents via channels without clear and consistent workflows. As a result, completing these tasks relies heavily on human intelligence.

Receiving documents

Business hours are wasted carefully reviewing document content and manually inputting the corresponding data into downstream systems.

How procurement is reinventing itself

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