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Our offerings in Slovakia

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Our offers

Our offerings in Slovakia

Our print and production service relieves you of document printing and distributing tasks. Outsourcing printing and postal services will improve business efficiency and reduce the time and costs you spend on document distribution.

Scan and convert paper documents into digital, electronic formats. Ensure easily document accessibility and adhere to the highest security standards to keep your data safe.

Create simple and smart invoice management processes, facilitating your e-invoices, PDFs and paper invoices. Digitalise the process and create streamlined, efficient workflows with Fitekin.

Banqup is the simplest way to manage your invoicing, billing and financial admin on one digital platform. Using one secure ecosystem SMEs and accountants have the technology, functionality and external partner links to simplify their tasks.


E-invoicing requirements in Slovakia

Technical requirements

  • Platform - Informačný Systém Elektronickej Fakturácie (IS EFA)
  • Format - EN 16931-1
  • Archival period - Minimum 10 years

B2G mandates

  • Dec 2022 - Launched the IS EFA test operation for the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and Datacentrum
  • Issuing - Exact date to be confirmed

B2B mandates

  • Rumoured for 2024

About Slovakia

Slovakia became part of Unifiedpost Group in 2019, through the acquisition of Fitek. In Slovakia, we deal with electronic invoicing and digitalised solutions, as well as digital and physical mail distribution services. Our services can transform processes for businesses of all types and sizes.

The Country Manager in Slovakia is Ivan Bošela, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of financial audit, accounting and business consulting.


Our job offerings in Slovakia

No open jobs available.
“We have managed to automate and streamline invoice processing with Fitekin, resulting in a significant improvement of efficiency. On top of that, we have improved the transparency and speed of the approval process, which helped us identify inaccurate invoices faster and promptly react. Overall implementation was quick and relatively smooth, which a key factor contributing to the success of the project.”
Jurak Tobak
CFO, GymBeam
"We have been using Fitekin for a long time. Thanks to this system, we have been able to improve the processing of our own (and our clients') invoices. This way, our communication with clients is more efficient as is the process of receiving, accepting & archiving of individual documents. Thanks to Fitek, our entire circulation of invoices is fully automated & without any issues."
Grant Thornton
“As our company extensively grows, the digital tool Fitekin enables us to let go any concerns regarding the capacities of our Back Office team. Scalability and reliability of this solution was and still is the biggest benefit of our collaboration. The functionalities are very intuitive and simple to use. As Fitekin imitates standard company processes, possible adaptation risks are significantly lowered.”
Daniel Boďa
COO, Hyperia s.r.o.
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