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Our offering in Portugal

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Our offering in Portugal

Banqup is the simplest way to manage your invoicing, billing and financial admin on one digital platform. Using one secure ecosystem SMEs and accountants have the technology, functionality and external partner links to simplify their tasks.


E-invoicing requirements in Portugal

Unifiedpost Group has a compliant outbound solution.

Technical requirements

  • Platform - eSPap
  • Format - CIUS-PT
  • Archival period - Minimum 10 years

B2G mandates

  • Receiving - All public bodies
  • Issuing - All public bodies and their suppliers

B2B mandates

  • No existing or upcoming mandates

About Portugal

Our Unifiedpost Group offering in Portugal started in 2021, led by Country Manager Miguel Zegre. Miguel is leading the Portuguese team and taking our global solutions to market for all sizes of Portuguese businesses.

Miguel has over 25 years of electronic invoicing experience. Experience which covers B2B, B2G and B2C markets. As well as Miguel's vast e-invoicing experience, the Country Manager is also a former member of the EESPA Executive Committee, and has years of experience within retail and banking. Take a look at our interview with Miguel discussing the history and upcoming changes in Portugal's digital journey.


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Avenida da Liberdade, 110 - 1º Andar 1269-046 Lisboa


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