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Our offering in Croatia

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Our offers

Our offering in Croatia

Create simple and smart invoice management processes, facilitating your e-invoices, PDFs and paper invoices. Digitalise the process and create streamlined, efficient workflows with Fitekin.

Unibill makes business and admin communication tasks easier. Automate the delivery of documents, communications and invoices via digital channels and reach your customers in a more efficient way.

Automate the management of your sales invoices with Uniout. One simple solution that automates your workflows and eases the approving, processing and distribution of your sales invoice processes.

Unisender is an intuitive solution that helps your business communicate with your customers via multichannel, digital platforms. Streamline your communication processes with Unisender.

CCM is your automatic smart document generation, for businesses with a high volume of documents, such as banks, telecom and utility companies. Automate document generation using CCM.

Arhiver, document storage solution Do you need to store documents in a secure environment? An Arhiver is the right solution for you, contact us and take the first step towards a secure archive.

Banqup is the simplest way to manage your invoicing, billing and financial admin on one digital platform. Using one secure ecosystem SMEs and accountants have the technology, functionality and external partner links to simplify their tasks.


E-invoicing requirements in Croatia

Unifiedpost Group is an accredited Peppol Access Point.

Technical requirements

  • Platform - Servis eRačun za državu, reached via Peppol
  • Format - Peppol UBL 2.1
  • Archival period - Minimum 11 years

B2G mandates

  • Receiving - All public bodies for purchases of goods and services below 200,000 HRK
  • Issuing - All public bodies and their suppliers

B2B mandates

  • Potential CTC implementation from 2025

About Croatia

Our Croatian entity began in 2021, led by Country manager Hrvoje Isek.

The Croatian team plays a significant role in providing e-invoicing, digitalisation and IT FinTech related products and services to the Croatian market.

Unifiedpost Croatia has been thriving as a digitalisation partner for some of the biggest companies in Croatia and the team has established a strong sales network through a strategic sales partnership with a leading Croatian telecom.

A bit more about team's leader - Hrvoje has more than 20 years of experience in leading telecom and ICT businesses. He was CEO of the biggest ICT company in Croatia and Chief Sales Officer for Croatia Telecom.


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Oreškovićeva street 6N/2 10010 Zagreb +385 1 3141 500


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