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Front-end (React) Developer

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About the job

Operational tasks:

  • Shape our web applications that handle payments, invoices, electronic identification, debit cards, and financing, together with the Product Manager;
  • Work with the payment, invoice, identity and access management solutions of Unifiedpost;
  • Design solutions that support the onboarding of our customers in our platform, by implementing requirements in a secure way;
  • Review detailed specifications for new products and features;
  • Manage code reviews, set-up and maintain secure CI/CD operations.

About Unifiedpost

Unifiedpost is a Business-Process-as-a-Service provider (BPaaS) and offers a complete technology portfolio for identity management, document management, payments & payment management, app stores with value-added services. We support corporates and B2B communities.

Our solutions range from the mundane, such as e-invoicing, to the clever ‘FinTech’, facilitating asset-based lending services and alike. Unlike many point-solution providers, Unifiedpost is the one-stop-shop for streamlining your financial value chain.

We would be happy to see

Technical competences:

  • CI/CD tools like Jenkins and prior experience in configuring deployments and tests jobs;
  • SASS or SCSS and React Testing Library;
  • React Query, React Table and React Form Hook;
  • Developing a Design System with Storybook and libraries for styling components like StyledComponents
  • Working with a Micro Frontend Architecture, monorepo or build system like NxJS
  • Writing E2E tests with a framework like Cypress, Selenium;
  • A higher education in Computer Science or comparable knowledge through professional experience;
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in software development with an emphasis on browser-based user interfaces;

The following skills will close the deal:

  • Relevant experience in working with React, React hooks and React Router;
  • Relevant experience in working with Typescript in a project where custom type definitions where used;
  • Ability to write well-documented, clean code;
  • Experience with applying security in software development;
  • Experience in building applications that consume Secure REST API’s;
  • Experience with version control: Git, GitFlow and code reviewing process;
  • Knowledge of working  with Javascript ECMAScript 6;
  • CSS/CSS3 Styling knowledge;
  • Experience in writing unit tests using Jest or a similar framework;
  • Experience with a state management library like Redux or Zustand.

This is what you win

Challenges: we’re transforming the world of business communications and transactions. You will develop your technical skills but also your knowledge about business processes.

Responsibility: making a difference in decision-making means you take on responsibility, not just tasks

Common purpose: you grow by learning new skills and we benefit from your knowledge. We all work together towards one goal

Unifiedpost Group is gradually transforming into a more regulated company. As a result, all roles within any of the companies of the Unifiedpost Group are subject to some form of a background check. For most roles, this will involve a simple identity and degree verification. For other roles, we might be required to also verify your criminal record and employment history.

Let's do this
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