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Laurent Marcelis

Chief Financial Officer

About Laurent

Laurent’s career has always combined two aspects - business and finance. He has seamlessly integrated the two areas, championing how both work side by side.

It all began during Laurent’s university years, where he studied Economic Finance and IT. His studies provided him with the essential business financial principles that formed the foundation of his career.

“I was always interested in the bridge between finance and business. My aim is to apply financial figures to the business and the business work that we are doing.”

After university, Laurent joined the financial services team of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). As part of his role, Laurent worked with large corporations, assisting them in optimising their business financial processes and implementing financial tools and applications. Every six months, he worked with a new corporation, which enriched Laurent’s financial knowledge across many sectors.

After eight years at PwC, Laurent was approached by Unifiedpost Group’s CEO, Hans Leybart, to join the young company at the time; “I listened to Hans’ story and I was sold!”

Laurent and Unifiedpost Group

Laurent joined Unifiedpost Group when the business was only four years old. He states how the company was vastly different as to what it is like now.

“In the early days of just over 10 people, every sale was a very big deal. Of course, every sale is still a big deal now, but at the start we were euphoric and every sale was a cause for celebration!”

At the time, the business was focused on document processing and Laurent was involved in areas such as business development, IT, operations, finance and HR.

After nine years Laurent craved a change of scenery, therefore he moved to a Belgian bank in a commercial network role. “I’m a person who likes change, development and to build something, so a new challenge felt like the right move”. But after two years, Laurent was enticed back to Unifiedpost Group.

Becoming CFO and being part of the business’ acceleration

In 2015, Laurent returned to Unifiedpost Group as he could see the company was clearly on a path of market acceleration.

The company had just undergone three private equities, and “change” was definitely in the strategy. The company was no longer focused on document processing, instead the company had clear ambitions - to become a European market leader and to also develop SME and payment solutions.

After four months, Laurent’s responsibilities grew as he became Chief Financial Officer.

When asking Laurent what his main roles are, he lists three areas:

  • Finance - From legal tasks, to bookkeeping declarations, to reporting to the public markets.
  • Investor relations - Communicating and working with investors.
  • ESG - Ensuring we have the right policies in place and taking a proactive approach in their implementation.

He emphasises that his three responsibilities are interconnected, supported by his expertise in bridging finance and business together.

Laurent, Unifiedpost Group and the IPO

In 2020, Unifiedpost Group completed its IPO and became a listed company of Euronext Brussels. Laurent tells the story of the IPO and the work involved.

“We started the process in 2017. On average, nine out of ten people were sceptical about our journey, and probably the other person didn’t know what an IPO was.”

But it was clear to Laurent and our CEO Hans Leybaert, that the IPO wasn’t just a dream, it could be a reality. There were many milestones to achieve, requiring thorough preparation to demonstrate to investors the company's distinct and purposeful strategy, along with showcasing the market appetite for the business.

“This was a very intensive period, but also very positive. Of course, if you work hard at something and achieve what you wanted to achieve, then it’s a fantastic feeling! This has definitely been my proudest moment to date at Unifiedpost Group”.

Laurent, what does the future look like?

Laurent believes the future holds two main movements.

The first movement is tax and e-invoicing compliance. More and more countries are mandating electronic invoicing and reporting, which impacts and creates opportunities for us and the average business.

Laurent believes the next biggest movement is ESG reporting.

“Within ESG you also need to report. Certain KPIs or metrics about your suppliers, your own solutions and your overall CO2 emissions. Every business needs to capture that data and I believe this will become part of the invoicing process. This means that the reporting aspect of any business is vital, and that companies, such as Unifiedpost Group, can help businesses meet their reporting needs and overall enable them to become compliant.”
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